The Gilmore Girl's tag.

OK, so we are now TWO days away from BRAND NEW episodes of The Gilmore Girls, insert squealing and jumping up and down on the spot, and the excitement is becoming more real each day. When thinking of something fun to do for the blog, during our week of Gilmore Girls madness, we went in search of a tag. We wanted to be able to interact with fellow Gilmore Girls lovers and talk about why we love it so.
There was a very cool Book Tag floating around the web, but as that discussed which book characters were most like Gilmore Girl characters and less of the show, we thought we would make up our own. We tag every Gilmore Girl's fan and we really hope you enjoy! :)

1)  Let's get the tough question out the way first...Team Dean, Team Jess or Team Logan?
Lucy: Team Jess all the way! :) I just adore Jess. I love that he loves to read and that he and Rory had things in common. Being able to have great conversation and also challenge each other is at the top of my list, Jess definitely brings Rory out of her shell and I love how they can be themselves with each other.
Kelly: I'd say I'm Team Jess too. There is just something about him that I can't help but love. Him and Rory complement each other and are just so sweet together. I will say though that I do have a soft spot for Dean, not only is he adorable but I love that even though he didn't have as much in common with Rory, he just loved her for her and would do anything for her.
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2) You stop by Luke's Diner, your go to menu item is: Blueberry muffin, Pastry, French toast, Burger and Fries or pancakes with strawberries?
Lucy: Breakfast would always be French toast, as I love me some French toast. Lunch or dinner I would happily dig into burgers and fries. They always look so good on the show.
Kelly: I'm going to go for Pancakes for breakfast as they seem like a big hit and if it's late at night definitely burger and fries. I would just love to sit at Luke's all day watching the comings and goings of Stars Hollow.

3) Harvard or Yale?
Lucy: Hmm I'd have to say I would follow in Rory's footsteps and go to Yale and do some sort of writing course. That would be amazing!
Kelly: This is a tricky one, they both sound like amazing schools and look very impressive too. I'm going to go with Yale and follow in Rory's footsteps too.

4) It's time for the Star's Hollow 'Bid on a Basket' festival. What are you putting in your basket?
Lucy: Ooh if I was preparing a basket in hopes that my husband would bid on it and we could enjoy a nice picnic, I would fill it with homemade peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, fresh homemade meatball subs, made on baked Italian bread, maybe a little Italian salad, we both like salad, and a little fruit bowl.
Kelly: If I was going to make the perfct basket for my husband, it would definitely have to include a small salad and some delicious sandwiches, with turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Then as a sweet I would make mini apple pies and I couldn't forget the coke zero! :) 

5) What's your favourite Gilmore Girls treat food? Pop tarts, Pizza, Chinese, Twinkies?
Lucy: Most definitely PIZZA. You just can't go wrong with a good pizza. I love that I can now make a healthier pizza too, which still satisfies my pizza cravings. Though I would eat my Grandad's homemade pizza every single day if I could. There is also something about Pop tarts though, it's just one of those foods that I always want! :p
Kelly: Errm one of everything please! How can I choose between Pizza and Chinese food?? Okay I love good chinese food but if I have to pick one then it definitely has to be Pizza...mmm pizza is just the best thing ever, isn't it?

6)  Friday night dinners or Star's Hollow Town meeting?
Lucy: I want to say Star's Hollow town meeting. I feel mean saying it as I for one love spending time with my family, but in this case I don't always like how Emily and Richard treat Lorelai and think it sucks when she has to listen to them sometimes.
Kelly: I'm going to go with Friday night dinners because family comes first. I do understand what Lucy means though, as sometimes Emily and Richard can get really frustrating. Hey at least you get a delcious meal out of it though! 

7) Christopher, Max, Jason or Luke?
Lucy: Forever and always Luke!!!!
Kelly: Luke hands down!! :) 

8) Rory's ideal night alone is doing laundry in her pajamas, while eating Indian food. What would your ideal night alone be? 
Lucy: Curling up with a nice big mug of coffee or hot chocolate writing away. Having a little peace and quiet with all jobs done so that I can just concentrate on writing would be perfect. If I have tasks completed though and get to just zone out and let my brain relax, curled up watching Nikki Blackketter and Heidi Somers or reading a good book would be awesome. :)
Kelly: Me in my comfiest pajamas, wrapped in a cozy blanket with my favourite mug filled with tea or coffee and a book in hand. There is nothing I love more! ooh and when I've finished my book I would watch a random rom com that only I will enjoy, just for fun! :) 

9) Who would you rather hang out with, Paris, Lane or Marty?
Lucy: I'd have to go with Lane. I think Paris would be fun as I could learn so much from her but she might get a bit too much. Lane is just so fun and enthusiastic and maybe I could finally leanr to play guitar and be in her band.
Kelly: Definitely Lane as she could teach me how to play drums. I had a set when I was younger but never properly learnt. How awesome would it be for her to teach me?? 
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10) Finally, with 'A Year in the life' just around the corner, what season would you love to visit Stars Hollow in? 
Lucy: Winter!! Although Fall looks pretty gorgeous and cozy there too, Winter just seems like it would be magical. Also Christmas...Christmas! :)
Kelly: Definitely Winter! I mean I'm pretty sure every season in Stars Hollow would be amazing, since they have a festival for practically everything. However everything is more magical when it snows! Can you imagine looking at all the fairy lights and town decorations while sat in Luke's with your hands wrapped round a hot cup of coffee?? Now i'm daydreaming!!! I want to go! 

TAG your it, now pass it on and don't forget to tag us so we can see your answers! We hope you enjoy answering them! :)
Love Lucy and Kelly


  1. YAY! I love this, I'm definitely doing this very soon!

    1. Yay, we're heading over to your blog now to read it! :) Thank you for taking part! :) xx