Rory Gilmore is our Spirit Animal!

The more episodes we watch of The Gilmore Girls, the more we fall in love with Rory. In each episode she says or does something that we just want to give her a giant hug for. To us, she's the perfect role model, a girl that other girls should look up to and see more of on their TV screens. She's the girl that we could relate to when we were in high school and the girl that makes us proud of the kind of people we are. We are so excited that she is back on our screens, so today we thought we would share with you all the reasons we love her!!

1. She loves Coffee!!

2. She adores her books and isn't afraid to show it.

3. She actually likes school and admits it.

4. She's not embarrassed by her mum, even at 16, she will hug Lorelai in front of the school gate.

5. She may be a quiet bookworm but she stands up for herself.

6. She gives as good as she gets.

7. Her idea of a night in by herself is doing laundry in her Pajamas and ordering Indian food.

8. She falls for the 'bad boy' and can't resist Jess. (The two of them cute!)

9) She looks exactly like we did in our high school uniform, no fancy hairstyles or tons of makeup.

10) She's ambitious.
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11) She's smart.

12) She's a normal teenager and dresses like one.

13) She will spend hours at the bookstore.

14) She will preform mission impossible style missions so Lane can have her beloved Cd's. Such a good friend.

15) She is real, she makes mistakes.

16) She gets frazzled just like the rest of us.

17) She fancies herself quite the Jack Kerouac. (Eeeek :) )

18) She loves food.

Who's your favourite Character from the show and what are the reasons you like them best?

Have a great day!
Love Lucy and Kelly


  1. Rory Gilmore is definitely a very special lady. I definitely agree with most of your list. I still want to read all the books she read and her relationship with Lorelei is just so special. Me and my mom definitely had similar traits. I remember having my final oral exam at school which decided if I get my A-levels or not and she was there. The only parents but I didn't care one bit. She did the same for my brother, as well. She was usually the cool mom. I had so much freedom growing up and my friends always loved coming over. I also loved Rory for wanting to be a journalist. I did too and still do. The revival actually made me feel a lot better about myself because I've been struggling with getting my foot into the business, despite having done everything required. I'm not sure she has always made the best decisions when it comes to guys but that's just how it is growing up. I gotta admit though, I never expected her to end up being the 32 year-old pregnant single girl, expecting a child from someone who is soon to be married. But even precious Rory isn't flawless and I think that's what shocked viewers the most. And it's just so hard to take a step back and see that she's only a character in a show who doesn't act on her own terms. I still love her and I really, really hope they will do more episodes and show her living a successful and happy life. :)

    xx Hailey - //

  2. We love that you and your mum have such a lovely relationship Hailey! That's so nice to hear! We are the same with our mum too! :)
    We still love Rory too as we know they couldn't make her perfect, we just wish that after all those 7 seasons of building her up to be a certain way, it seemed like they just got all that and through it away! At least we can go back and watch the Chilton Years again and be happy with her then! :p