No more guilt!!

At the end of last week I was shattered. I felt a little emotionally drained, my feet were aching and I just wanted a moment to relax, to calm my brain down and breathe. In a moment of weariness, while washing the dishes and loading the dishwasher, I just wanted to cry. I didn't want to clean another plate or load and unload the dishwasher anymore. I was done. But then I got angry at myself. Yes, I actually got angry and mad at myself. Why? You ask. Well, because I started thinking about all the single Mum's and Dad's holding down the fort, doing everything on their own. I thought about those working nine to five. I thought about those parents running after kids, those parents with kids and jobs. I thought about those people working nights and I thought about The Rock. Basically, I started to compare everything I do with what other people do. Immediately I began mentally punishing my brain and body for thinking for one split second that I was tired, because when compared to all these people, there was no way I should even allow myself to say I was tired. Surely?

I'm not really one to walk around shouting out that I am awesome, or that I do this and that. Yes I tell people when I'm busy and will tweet every now and again about what I have managed to get done during the day, but often those moments where I feel truly proud of myself are met with guilt and scenarios I mentioned above. However, the other day, I had had enough. I wanted to be brave and I wanted to write a post that was a little out of my comfort zone and I want/hope you guys will join me. Write it down on a piece of paper, type it on the computer, tweet it, shout it, look at yourself in the mirror and think of all the things you do and say 'I AM AWESOME!'


Sometimes I don't feel like I stop. Between blogging three times a week, reading for book reviews, filming for our YouTube channel, writing a book, cleaning/looking after the apartment, cooking, going to the gym, working three part time jobs and working full day events and promotions every now and again, I'm always doing something. And, you know what, I absolutely love it. I love being busy, but it DOESN'T mean I don't get those exhausted on my feet moments and it DOES totally mean that I can stand tall and be proud of myself for it. This is what I DO on a day to day basis and therefore, when I sit down to watch an episode or two of The Gilmore Girls or put my feet up and binge watch Nikki Blackketter, I should not feel guilty...brain are you listening?

The reason I share this with you today is that I think it's more than OK to think about and look at what other people do, in order to be inspired and motivated. I love looking up to others and in turn pushing myself harder and challenging myself that little bit more. But ultimately YOU ARE YOU. Yes strive, yes push, yes be limitless, yes be unstoppable, but also be sure to stop and say well done to yourself. Live in the moment, appreciate what you have accomplished and of course, take time to re charge and listen to your body. Please look after your well-being and mental state. If you need a little rest, get some rest, so you can wake up and be awesome all over again tomorrow! Furthermore, I felt like I needed to write this in order to allow myself to accept those moments where I'm not superhuman, where I let myself see all that I do and not compare myself or my journey with anyone else's. I'm not bragging or in need of a gold star, sometimes I just need to allow myself to feel good about what I do and be proud of myself.

I'd love if you commented below some of the things you are proud of yourself for! :)

Keep kicking butt and have a great day!
Love Lucy xx


  1. Aw Lucy, YOU ARE AWESOME! You should be so proud for achieving what you do everyday and for not giving up. I definitely have moments like this where I have to stop my brain and just watch something on Netflix to chill out. As long as you aim to do your best everyday, what more can you do? I'm gonna work on not feeling guilty too, because I always feel like I should be doing something. I'm really proud of myself for trying to create the life I dream about and for being really brave lately. I'm always here if you're having a bad day :) Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog

    1. Aww thank you Steph, that means a lot! You are awesome too! :) And, yes, I definitely need those moments where I just stop my brain from getting a head of itself and just enjoy stuff that's not related to work all the time! :p I'm proud of you too! :) Thank you so much, you are the sweetest! xx