My day without social media!

Let me start by saying that I love social media. Not just because it offers me a platform to promote what I love - blogging/making YouTube videos, but also because of the many awesome people I get to connect with on a day to day basis. I consider quite a few of these people friends and love getting to catch up with them, share funny GIFS and chat about lots of interesting topics. (Thank you Girl Gang!) Recently, however, I just felt like I was getting a little caught up in it all, which is one of the reasons I decided to spend a day without it, but before I go into that a little bit more, I wanted to share with you a few facts about my life in what one could call the prehistoric age...

The Facts are these...
I was 16 and leaving high school when I got my first phone. 
I remember the days of waiting for the internet to dial up and then only having 15 minutes to copy and paste pictures of Jeff Hardy to my computer file.
Upon getting 'proper' internet I had to wait till after school to see if anyone had messaged me back on Myspace, unless I was super quick at getting ready for school in the morning and had 10 minutes to spare, to turn the computer on, log into Myspace and check my messages. 
I got an Ipod when I was 21 and first came to America, that was my first taste at having Facebook on a portable gadget. (I don't even know what to call it!)
I didn't get a phone that could download all the apps and use mobile data till I was 25. 

So why go a day without Social Media?
The honest answer to this is actually quite scary to me, because the truth is there are days where I don't know what I would do without my phone. Moments where I feel lost if I haven't checked twitter or times when I can't eat something unless I've taken a picture and it's out there for the world to see on Instagram. My phone is the first thing I pick up in the morning, I switch it on then spend half an hour, while drinking my morning coffee, catching up on social media. Throughout the day reaching for it to 'check things' is like second nature and if I don't have it on me, I'm thinking about the moment I can get to it so that I can sit and check Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I started to long for the days where everything wasn't so instant and where I could actually wait longer than 5 minutes before seeing if someone has replied to my message. I wanted to know what it felt like to put other things first that I love, before checking twitter and Instagram. Most importantly I just wanted to enjoy a day where I wasn't glued to my tiny screen scrolling and scrolling away as time slipped by.

How did it go? 
It went great!! I will admit that in the afternoon while myself and Lucy were organizing lots of blog ideas, I wanted to reach out and look up things or go on Twitter. So looking at it from a business stand point it was a bit tough, hence why I did already have certain promotional tweets set up throughout the day. Fellow bloggers, you know how important it is to promote! My absolute favourite thing about my day without social media though was my morning. I woke up, left my phone by my bed, caught up on some reading while having my morning coffee, and just before my husband woke up I started making breakfast. This was a huge thing for me as he usually wakes up to find me on the computer or on the couch on my phone. We had breakfast together then proceeded to get ready for the day and I felt so much more prepared and ready. I even said to Luc that my head felt a lot clearer at the gym. Throughout the day, I found myself getting things done quicker or filling in time that would normally have been spent on my phone, doing other little jobs that I needed to do, which was great.

In Conclusion!
All in all, I know that being without WiFi wouldn't work for everyone. In today's day and age being able to instantly receive messages or tweet about our day to day goings on and connect with friends via Facebook is important. Like I mentioned earlier, I myself rely heavily on social media to allow me to do what I love with this very blog. After a day without it, I realize just how important it is for this purpose. However, I will say that if you get chance for an hour or two, or even a day if you want, try it. Try switching of WiFi and going back to those days of waiting till the evening to catch up and check messages. Try reaching for a book instead of scrolling for hours on Twitter or scrap-booking that pile of pictures instead of Instagramming them. It really is worth it. I definitely feel like after my day without social media that my morning routine has to change, as I thoroughly enjoyed a morning savoring my coffee and diving into a book before getting ready for my day.

What do you guys think? Could you do it?

Have a great day!
Love Kelly xx


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