Leaving Negative Feedback!

I've been writing lots of book reviews and putting them on Amazon recently. While doing so I couldn't help but notice a few things that prompted me discussing this topic with both Lucy and my friends. I know we are all free to have our own opinions in this crazy world, but really, what is the deal with so much harsh and negative feedback??

I am a book reviewer and have stated on many occasions that I will never leave a negative review about a book. I've noticed that some people think this in unfair, they think that people who get advanced copies of books will feel obliged to write good reviews and in turn they are not getting an honest opinion. For me, this isn't the case at all. My reasoning behind positive reviews does not come from not wanting to be honest or dupe people into reading a bad book because I'm afraid to be mean, it's quite simply because we all like different things. Who am I to tell you, you won't like something? Sure I can offer you my opinion but even if I wasn't 110% in love with the book I just read, I will always focus on the positives to share with you and then leave you to make your own opinions. Here's why...

...So often it seems that when people are sat behind a computer they don't think about the human side to how their negativity will effect someone. They think that because they are a paying customer, audience member, movie goer or book reviewer that they have the right to just completely berate or hate the product, movie or whatever else they are reviewing or discussing. Yes they do have a right and I get that, but is it so necessary? What about thinking about the author who spent countless hours writing, rewriting and editing that book you just tore apart? What about that actor that has spent his/her whole life trying to get that one movie role? What about the musician who has worked on street corner after street corner just trying to be seen? They are all human. Just because they are doing something that warrants the need for a fan base or media attention or that relies on us buying what they are selling doesn't mean they aren't just like us. It doesn't mean they aren't people too.

There are certain bands, movies, actors and actresses that I'm not a big fan of, but I wouldn't spend my time tweeting, commenting or talking nasty about them because I  don't personally like them. I just leave the enjoyment to the people that do. I mean, what am I going to get out of telling someone that their favourite band sucks?? Same can be said for the books. I have seen many a book review slating a book that I adore and I just think 'sheesh why do you have to be so harsh? You may not have liked it but I did.' Seeing that negative feedback doesn't put me off because I know my tastes are different from others, but it does make me feel sad that that person clearly hasn't thought about the person behind the book.

My rule is that 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, but if you want to say something, make sure it's constructive.' That's the biggest thing I got from my days as a Professional Wrestler. Being out in front of people and being on a TV show, people were obviously going to form their opinions and that's fine. We knew not everyone would like us or our style, but it was always so frustrating when people would be so full of hate but offer no constructive criticism on what they didn't like. We can take criticism like nobodies business, we trained with Rip Rogers who would swear, shout and push us to be the best we could be, if we sucked, he would tell us and then we would get better. That's how we work. The same I think can be said for all forms of art, if you really need to say something, word it differently and explain why you may have not liked it and what you would prefer. That way at least the author/artist/actor can see your point of view and maybe take it into account. They can maybe grow and learn from it if it's constructive.

Basically my biggest point to make is... be nice. Think about the person behind the product. Think about how you can send positive messages rather than a slew of hate for no reason. We all start somewhere, we all have dreams. Are your negative comments meant to better the person or just to be mean?

As the old sayings go...

'Treat people how you wish to be treated.'

'It's not what you say, it's how you say.'

What do you think? When would you warrant leaving negative reviews or feedback?

Have a great day!
Love Kelly


  1. I think when doing a review that is meant to guide others' decisions to buy or not to buy something that is written for profit, one should give an honest opinion. Once it becomes for-profit, the author's feelings are no longer the primary concern, but the potential customers.

    I would say that regarding content offered for free, it's right to try to find something nice to say if you're going to comment. In that case the author is putting in the effort and offering the content for free. That is generous of the author, and feedback should likewise be generous.

    I think it says only nice things about you, however, that you try to be positive in all cases and remember the person behind the content will be hurt by a negative review-- and that is true even if the content if for-profit. My disagreement is only due to the fact that for-profit content involves people other than the author.

    I definitely agree with trying to find good in anything offered for free, and think it's a good and generous view you have of that.

  2. Thank you for reading. I do understand where you are coming from when a product is for profit, however I do think that no matter what, the author still has feelings that you should take into consideration.
    I understand that you have to think about other people buying the product but we all have so many different opinions, that to me you could completely tear a book down that someone could absolutely love, so in that case what was the need for all the hate??
    Thank you for taking the time to comment! :)