Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life Review! Contains spoilers!

For us it feels slightly ironic that this past Friday we wrote a post on the reasons why we love Rory Gilmore. You see, after watching A Year in The Life on Friday, we have to admit to feeling like we missed the girl we fell in love with. We had been so excited for weeks, counting down the days till the new episodes, writing blog posts and watching the old seasons to get ourselves fully into Gilmore Girls mode, that it honestly breaks our hearts to say that the episodes and conclusion was a huge let down for HUGE!
We were left empty and disappointed, half of us almost wishing they had left it alone. Now, you know we hate to talk negative and if you enjoyed it then that makes us so happy for you, so please don't take this like we are bashing the hard work of the writers or actors, these are simply our thoughts on the show, characters and story that we grew to love over the years, as well as our own opinions on what we would have loved to have witnessed. So again, if you loved it, yay.

The two things we were dying to see in these new episodes were:
1. If Luke and Lorelai were still happy.
2. Who Rory was finally going to end up with.

Correct us if we're wrong but wasn't that what everyone was waiting to see? Instead we got 6 hours of lots of random scenes that we felt weren't necessary as we sat eagerly awaiting the characters we loved. I mean did we really need 20 minutes of the town musical when we could have had more Jess?? We think not! We got so frustrated and were left so baffled that the only way we could calmly get down all our thoughts was in bullet points, so bear with, as we take you through the questions we were left with and the things that left us a bit heartbroken...

1. Rory was all over the place and straight off the bat was not the girl we hoped to see. We have no issues with her not having her life together at 32, who does? But we thought she would at least be her smart, sensible self. Yes, we know Rory changed when she went off to collage and that was great, that's all part of growing up and experiencing life. Rory isn't perfect and that is why we love her. However, during these new episode's, part of us longed for her Chilton days. We wanted her to learn from her mistakes, write lists and handle the situations like only a smart, independent, kind, sweet, doesn't let anyone take advantage of her Rory would do. Yet we are left asking why she hadn't learnt anything from sleeping with a married Dean? Why would she help Logan cheat on his fiance? And why was she letting people mess her around. It really turned us off. Sorry if you're Team Logan but he's a cheat, nuff said!

2. We left on Luke and Lorelai getting together, yet in the new series, it took 4 and a half hours for us to see the fun and happy Luke and Lorelai we loved. We get that they were going through issues as a couple but couldn't there have been more cuddles and kisses and happiness? It was kind of depressing to see them so unlike they were all those years ago. They were always so in tune and in these episodes they seemed to have lost that. We understand that that was the story, but did it have to be 4 and a half hours of the sad stuff? Again, the realness is understandable, life isn't all sunshine's and daisies, but we got no 'I love you's' or anything throughout the entire new episodes.

3. Who was Paul and why did we need him? This made Rory seem so harsh and cruel. It made her seem even more scattered and a little heartless. We get that she was trying to get her life together but we felt she didn't need a Paul to add to it.

4. To coincide with our last point, was it just us or did they make Lorelai and Rory out to be a bit mean in these episodes? They always had the goofy, fun, gossipy words with each other but it was always very lighthearted and understandable. In the Summer episode they sat complaining about the heat and making fun of the bigger people at the pool and to us that made them sound cruel and like bullies.

5. The characters we wanted to see were only in the last episode which made us feel like we didn't need the first 3. Anyone else feel like that? Like we'd waited so long to see this and we got a bunch of other stories and scenes we didn't want. We got such a happy feeling when Lorelai found Sookie back in the kitchen, it was a lovely moment. We couldn't help but feel like Sookie never would have left Lorelai to begin with though, which made us sad. The Inn was very depressing without her and didn't make sense. Furthermore, seeing Dean again was great, if not too brief, but still great. We were so happy he was happy and that had to be at least the one good thing about the show. Anyone else believe that Dean seriously got the short straw in all this? He was a good guy through and through and we don't think he ever gets enough credit.

6. After everything the Gilmore family had gone through, it was lovely to see Emily learn about herself and discover new things in life. We can't help but feel like we wanted that to improve her and Lorelai's relationship a little more though. We know in certain places it did, but it broke our hearts that at the end when Luke and Lorelai got married she wasn't there. Same can be said for Sookie. After all Emily and Lorelai had been through, it seemed wrong that she would miss that moment in Lorelai's life, as well as Jess! Where did he go? Lane and Michel made the impromptu wedding but no Jess, Emily and Sookie?! That was a big no!

7. Finally the ending! WHY?
For starters, Rory is 32 years old so it really doesn't feel like that counts as some shocking ending. She is very much a grown up. However, with the show being based on the ups and downs of motherhood, being a single Mum and all the trials and tribulations that can bring, it left us feeling rather sad.
Lorelai and Rory had a beautiful bond that we all looked up too. A bond that we think all mother's want with their daughters and vice versa. We were proud of what Lorelai accomplished and how she raised such an awesome child when it was far from easy. But we also witnessed the heartache of Rory not having a Dad in the picture and how much Lorelai longed for the right person and to have that family unit. We were so happy when Luke and Lorelai finally got their happy ending. It was all right and meant to be and just perfect. They were a family after all this time. Then BOOM, now we find out that Rory is going to have to go through all that heartache too? Is it just us that feels like we wanted a different story for Rory?
In addition, in today's day and age there is nothing wrong with being a single Mum, being independent, having kids however you want them. Marriage isn't everyone's cup of tea, love isn't easy and so on. However, the fact that over the course of Gilmore Girls Rory met some pretty cool guys, it seems like such a tease to end on her not being with anyone. We were happy that we got closure with Dean, we are still confused by the whole Logan thing, but at the same time understand that when you love someone it is hard to let go and always do what's right. Logan and Rory had their history, we got closure and he will always be a special person to her, as with Dean. BUT, HELLO!!! We get no closure AT ALL with Jess??? And let's just get this straight, Jess comes into these new episodes and inspires Rory to write a book, he believes in her. Jess also talks to Luke and helps him realize how important communication is and gets rid of the wifi. And from the long glance through the window at the end, Jess is still in love with Rory. After all Jess has been through with his own family and upbringing, after all the growing he did, after all the sweet things he did for Rory, after all the inspiration and support he gave Rory and after all they did for each other, making each other better, that is what we are left with? We are basically left with Rory having (most likely) Logan's baby, Logan being married to someone else and Jess just being tossed aside? We don't care what you say, Rory and Jess are meant to be, Logan and Rory do not love each other, if Logan loved Rory he would be with her, end of. You don't marry someone else and act like you can have your cake and eat it too Logan, that's called being a jerk!!! Wake up Rory!!! But now, instead of Rory and Jess getting together and having a gorgeous family and everything being right with the world, Jess will now have to bring up someone else's child and deal with Logan being in and out of the picture? That is if they ever bring Jess back, as it very much seemed like Rory just forgot about how special he was to her. Just us? If we remember correctly, Jess once thanked Rory for help with his book and expressed how he couldn't have done it without her, yet he got no thank you from Rory? Again, what was with Rory?

Apologies for the humongous rant but hey that's what this blog is for when we have a topic we want to address! We would love to hear your thoughts! Did you like it? What didn't you like? Are you happy with the ending? For us all we wanted to see was Luke and Lorelai happy and Jess and Rory together, that was it. So forgive us for being a little harsh on our critiques, we just can't help feeling quite deflated.

But before we go we do want to say that there were some great moments: Luke and Lorelai's marriage proposal speech, seeing Dean, Sookie coming back, JESS, Emily in jeans, Stars Hollow decorated for each season, Kirk making the wedding perfect, the fact that Lane and her band still preformed in her living room, oh and did we mention JESS!!! The Gilmore Girls will always hold a special place in our hearts and we still want to finish what we started with our second run through of all the seasons. We really do love it which makes it hard that we've just been so negative about something we love so much, but after building it up and being SO freaking excited, we just had to share our thoughts!

Love Lucy and Kelly xx


  1. Ohmygosh I completely agree with you on every point! Jess's love-filled glance through the window actually broke my heart </3 this is such an accurate post!

    Eloise xx

    1. We're so happy you understand our heartbreak and we made some sense! :( We hate to be mean, but it all just made us so sad! Thank you for reading! :) xx

  2. I really don't think anyone was truly happy with how they revived this series. I agree with you completely, especially about there being a lot of pointless scenes. It makes me sad that they didn't do the characters justice and listen to what fans wanted from the new series. I used to love Rory, but she's changed for the worse. OMG JESS! I died in every scene with him and I just wanted more! If he and Rory had ended up together I think it would have saved the series for me. I had a crush on him as a kid and even more so now! lol I'm really sorry the show wasn't what you wanted, I know how much it means to you. Now we need a Chuck revivial to make up for it :)
    Steph x.

    1. Sorry for the late reply Steph! We still love the show but still aren't over the new series. It makes us smile when we see people happy and chatting about it which must be a good sign for it being one of those shows that you can't not love if that makes sense? We just kind of have to pretend the new ones didn't happen! haha! A Chuck revival would be AMAZING but they could NOT screw that up! Could you imagine the heartbreak! It's dangerous territory!!
      Kelly xx


    Winter and Spring episodes were my favorite. They felt most like the original series to me. I loved seeing Kirk, he's definitely one of my favorites. I was glad to see Paris, and was surprised she had her life so put together with kids and beautiful house (even though she was going through the divorce).

    I'm glad they put a lot of emphasis on Richard's passing. It really felt different without him there and you could tell the cast truly missed him. We got to see a lot of Emily, which I liked. I started to connect more with her character and more than ever,tried to understand where she was coming from.

    Lorelai kind of annoyed me after the winter and spring episodes. I just felt like she was forcing her Lorelai self to come out and she was falling a bit short- that's probably just me, though. I also felt like Luke wasn't as "Luke" as he was before, not sure why. I'm glad April made an appearance- weird seeing her since I mainly only watch her on Switched at Birth these days.

    Wish they would've shown a few more lines with Miss Patty and Mrs. Kim. I felt like they even showed Carol King more than them haha!

    Also would've wanted to see Lane more. I felt like her and Rory were so distant- I felt that way even in the original series, like after the 2nd or 3rd season, it felt like Rory didn't care to keep in touch with Lane as much...again, probably just me.

    I felt like they showed too much Lorelai and Emily but not enough of Lorelai and Rory or all 3 of the Gilmore girls together. Definitely agree that Lorelai and Rory were kinda biotchy when talking about others- they weren't their usual sassy selves.

    Logan really got on my nerves. How dare he act so charming when all he wanted was for Rory to have an affair with him. It just felt so wrong. And of course, Rory, was a huge disappointment. I know everyone feels lost at her age but I don't know, I just thought she would've pursued the Journalism thing a lot longer. Of course, the end was shocking and the main thing I wondered was just what career Rory would end up in now that she was going to have a kid to raise.

    1. Also, Sookie's part just felt so weird and forced. I think they could've done it a lot lot better. She didn't feel like Sookie at all. And Lorelai didn't really seem to be genuinely happy to see her, which is understandable but without background knowledge of what happened between them, it was a bit confusing.

      Michele didn't change, he was still awesome as ever so that was good! :)

    2. We agree with everything you said Victoria! Sorry for the late reply! We definitely think it was less about Lorelai and Rory which was weird considering that was the emphasis on the whole of the 4 new episodes!! And yes to what you said about Sookie, it didn't feel as natural as it did in the old shows, maybe after 9 years and it being such a small part, there wasn't much time for the actors to get reacquainted!?
      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts with us! :)

  4. Oh the Gilmore Girls madness. I guess we're all hoping for more episodes because that ending was just not acceptable. I would've been totally happy with Rory ending up with none of the guys and just figuring out her life but pregnant? That ending really annoyed me. And I hate that it kinda has to be Logan's baby and he marries somebody else, although who knows if he would go through with it if he knew she was pregnant. I was always Team Logan cause he always supported Rory, despite whatever anyone said. But yeah, the hooking up while being engaged is not cool. But then again, Dean slept with Rory while being married. So not cool either. I was never a Dean fan cause he's nice but so boring and just doesn't get her. He needs a housewife who raises his kids and cooks him dinner ans Rory is just not that girl. I do think that Jess and Rory would be great together, but Jess blew it too many times. I mean, instead if staring at her through the window, he should finally grow some balls instead of leaving when it gets hard because that's what he always did, which makes me so mad at him. So honestly, I think she's better off without any of them. She should just find a new awesome MAN. (not some weirdo like Paul :D)

    A lot of the revival seemed so forced, like the Dean encounter or her visiting Chris. Yeah, I get that they wanted to include as many characters as possible but it was just not that good. And only 5 minutes of Sookie??? That made me sad, and the fact that she and Emily and Jess weren't at the wedding, but Lane and Michel were? That seemed weird. But I guess we must live with it. And I'm not even gonna get started on the musical. That was just such a waste of time.

    The one truly great thing was Emily Gilmore. I love how she developed and how she just found herself after everything. I felt sooo incredibly happy for her.

    Love your Gilmore Girls posts!!!

    xx Hailey - //

    1. As the last episodes were nearly finishing we thought she may end up with no one too! Maybe it would have been better if she met someone else but we still needed proper closer with ALL the guys not just Dean! It was so strange how with 6 hours all the important cameos that we all wanted to see were left to the final moments. It made me feel like the first few episodes were ruined by us all holding our breaths for who we were going to see. :p

      Thank you for reading them! We loved your Gilmore Girls post too! :)