Did we do it? Fall Bucket List!

Fall is coming to a close and everywhere is starting to switch to full on Winter/Christmas mode...or if you are us, Christmas started three weeks ago, ahem, yes we did put up the Christmas tree at the beginning of November...don't judge! :p
But yes, the dark nights and cozy vibe is now in full swing and it's time to start thinking about saying bye to Pumpkin Spice and hello to Peppermint and Gingerbread everything. If you thought we were excited about Fall, you ain't seen nothing yet. Christmas is our absolute favourite. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we thought it would be fun to look back on our Fall Bucket List and see what we managed to accomplish.
Our Fall Bucket List consisted of:

1. Take some cozy fall pictures, in a fall inspired outfit.
Hmm we didn't quite manage the fall outfit in it's entirety, alas no pictures. Although we did get a few new jumpers from work that are nice and soft and perfect for when we go home. We hear it's rather cold over there...yikes, so maybe we can get some cozy winter pictures taken then.

2. Buy one fall outfit for ourselves and one for our little sister...but shhh don't tell her.
See above answer! Like we said, we did a little shopping and have been purchasing a few new pieces, however, as for putting complete 'outfits' together, we have only two words...'Send Help'. :p We have been getting so inspired by all you gorgeous fashion bloggers, but think we need to keep making notes, so stay tuned.
3. Sit outside while enjoying a Pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.
So we may not have ventured outside but we did enjoy many a pumpkin spice latte from inside Starbucks. Round the corner from our apartment complex we have a Barnes and Noble, which is incredibly cozy. We love being surrounded by books while sipping on a delicious coffee. And did you know Starbucks now does almond milk!!! Yay! :)

4. Watch Harry Potter with the family. (Yes, even if that means via Skype)
We managed to watch a little bit of Harry Potter a few weeks ago while Jen was on Skype, but we didn't make it through the whole movie. We always have too much chatting to do and the time difference can be a bit of a pain!

5. Visit the Florida Pumpkin festival.
Work picked up in the past month and our weekends have been jam packed with events, so unfortunately we didn't make it to any of the Florida Pumpkin patches.

6. Have a fall milkshake from Steak n Shake.
We think we over estimated ourselves with this one. We always get super excited when restaurants and shops are bursting with the flavours of the season, however from past experience, as much as the Milkshakes sound delicious, we know they end up being a little bit too much for us, that and the fact that Lucy just started a cut, we never really found ourselves in the mood for one! The thought was there! :p 
7. Decorate our apartments with all things fall.
We did indeed get creative and thoroughly enjoyed decking our apartments out with all things Fall. You can see how we got festive in our Fall Decorating episode of Life is Sweet.

8. Watch a movie in just candlelight.
We got to enjoy many a movie with our favourite Morrison's Vanilla Sugar candles lighting up the room. They seriously smell like heaven and the flicker of the flames always make us feel cozy, happy and snug.

9. Have our friends round to make Fall inspired treats.
We are so sad that we didn't get round to doing this. It can be quite tricky to get everyone together when we are all on different schedules but we also know how important it is to make time for friends. We hope to have more baking days soon.
10. Have an evening picnic on the beach, complete with pumpkin pie and chai tea lattes.
This one might have been dreaming slightly too big. It still sounds lovely and we very much wish we would have got the chance to watch the sunset and curl up on the beach, however, like we mentioned above, work really did just get busy this month and we never quite made it for an evening beach stroll.

3 1/2 out of 10!!!

Wow, really? We are ashamed! :p This disappointing result has made us even more determined to accomplish all goals on our December bucket lists. Though we know and understand that life, jobs, money and such can get in the way of our ideas and adventures sometimes, we really do love writing lists and having things to aim for. It can often bring you out of your comfort zone, challenge you to try new things and remind you that life is short and we must try to experience all that we can while we are here. Our December Bucket List is coming a long nicely and we can't wait to share it with you.  
Did you have a Fall Bucket list? Leave you links below, we would love to read them.
Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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