5 Things we miss about being Professional Wrestlers!

Nowadays we are having so much fun keeping ourselves busy with all of our little projects that we don't often think about our wrestling careers, or the shoulda, woulda, coulda's if we had stayed with TNA. We are genuinely so happy with all that we are doing now that we much prefer looking forward, whilst at the same time being able to smile at all that we accomplished in our nine year wrestling careers. However, we would be lying if we said we didn't miss certain things every now and again about being in the crazy, yet wonderful world of professional wrestling. Here's what we miss the most...

1) Lacing up our boots and putting on our wrestling gear.
We will readily admit that we are no fashionistas. The years we spent wrestling we were always at our happiest and comfiest when wearing our wrestling gear. We absolutely LOVED designing our outfits and were the giddiest when they arrived in the post. It's safe to say that outside of a wrestling ring, and unless it's Halloween, we would probably get a few funny looks if we donned our spandex for our every day attire, so it definitely tops the list as something we miss the most! 
2) The boys in the locker room.
We have been so lucky over the years to have met so many great people that became like family to us. Being in the locker room with the guys who shared our same passion for wrestling, who we could talk to about anything and laugh with till we cried, were some of the best moments ever. We have countless treasured stories and memories, far too many to mention here, but all the cupcakes we shared together will forever be held dear.

3) Getting the ring and just wrestling and training with Rip Rogers.
By far our absolute favourite thing to do when we wrestled was train with the guys! Rip Rogers bought us out of our shells and bettered us, not just in the ring but in life. You couldn't go to Rip's classes twice a week and not learn something new about yourself or the wrestling business. His classes scared us and made us nervous but we were there every week and sometimes when we shouldn't have been...but that's a different story! Each weekend we stepped out of our comfort zones for 8 hours, it was a case of sink or swim and we like to think we swam pretty good! :p
4) Putting up and taking down the ring.
This one seems crazy to admit, yet it's oddly true. For those of you who have never seen what a wrestling ring looks like underneath the canvas and apron, it's wooden beams and metal poles. It ain't pretty and it definitely ain't light! Each time we put up and took down a ring, it was a workout on top of the match we had just had, but each time we managed to carry an extra beam or pole was an accomplishment as we got stronger and stronger. To this day we aren't afraid to lift heavy stuff when it comes to moving apartments or whatever it maybe, just because we have a good background for doing what needs to be done. No matter how late it may have been or how tired we were, the ring wasn't going to take down itself!

5) The road trips.
We have so many fond memories of travelling to and from shows, of late night stops at Ihop and Mcdonalds and of making up games to keep ourselves occupied. To be honest being on the road is one of the things we don't miss as much as the rest of the things in this list. After a while we got a little tired of it and definitely just wanted to enjoy more weekends at home, being the homebodies that we are. However, the late night chats and bonding time is definitely something we miss. We wouldn't change the years we spent travelling for the world. We got to go on adventures, especially when it was just the two of us trying to find a venue on our own. We also got to cement certain friendships while travelling up and down the country and these are some of our happiest memories! :) 

Hope you enjoyed another of our little trips down memory lane.
Have a great Wednesday!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx 

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