The Pro Bar! * Plus GIVEAWAY!

If you remember my Protein bars tried and tested post you will know that I raved about The Pro Bar BASE. I had purchased the Coffee Crunch and Mint flavor ones and honestly enjoyed every bite of them. It was refreshing to dig into a protein bar and love everything about it from the taste to the texture. So you know I was over the moon when the wonderful people at The Pro Bar sent Kelly and I a box of their Pro Bar BASE bars so we could try all of their flavors. I was super excited and eager to tuck in.

Reasons I love The Pro Bar Base!
Gluten Free.
Contains Plant Protein.
Contains Chia & Flax seeds.

Mint Chocolate and Coffee Crunch.
These two I had previously tried and LOVED, so I couldn't wait for Kelly to try them. I'm all about coffee and the coffee crunch is simply delicious. It has a rich coffee flavor, it actually contains caffeine, that mixes so well with the chocolate. It's heaven. The mint bar is super refreshing and you just don't feel like you are eating a protein bar at all!

Chocolate bliss!
Whenever I am craving chocolate this is now going to be my go to. What can I say? Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate and so very scrumptious. The coolest thing about this bar though, is that even though it is a chocolate lovers dream, it's not too sweet or over sickly at all.

Peanut butter
You can't go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate and this bar is perfection. It's just packed with so much yumminess and tastes so good.

Chocolate Super Greens!
I was super intrigued and curious about this bar and wondered if I would like it. I wasn't really sure what to expect. Like the mint one, it has a really welcome refreshing taste. It contains an awesome blend of greens from barley grass to wheat grass to alfalfa and had a healthy taste to it, but a really delicious healthy taste that I have to say I am a huge fan of.

Cookie Dough!
Kelly loved the layer of cookie dough in this bar, it made her smile and might just be her favourite. I am currently finding it really hard to choose a favourite. I have been taking a good ten minutes to choose which one I want to take to work with me each day for a snack, they are just all so awesome. This cookie dough one is on point!
All these bars have a really yummy crispy texture like a rice crispy cake, which I give two thumbs up for. It's very much like a desert and like I mentioned before you don't feel like you are chewing on a dry, fake 'food', manufactured bar. I will say that compared to some of my other favourite bars, this one does contain more sugar and therefore I like to eat them after a killer gym session or on days when I have a long shift at work when I'm going to be on my feet all day and it can give me a bit of boost. In all honestly though, I don't mind the sugar too much due to the fact that these bars are packed with plenty of nutrients, are incredibly tasty and are not ridiculously processed.
Let us know if you guys have tried them before or which one you would most like to try!! :)

AND Speaking of trying them, we are super excited to team up with the amazing people at The Pro Bar today to give you a chance to WIN all the bars mentioned in this post! That's right, you can WIN a box of 12 The Pro Bar Base bars to try for yourself!! :) All you have to do is head on over to our Twitter @TheBlossomTwins and make sure you are following us and @THEPROBAR and RT our giveaway tweet to be in with a chance of winning! :) GOOD LUCK everyone!
Have a great day!
Love Lucy xx

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  1. Nice post! Glad there are so many flavours! I love having protein bars but not having a variety of flavours used to bother me always

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