Travel Bucket List: Pasticceria Pansa!

You know when you have one place above all other places that you dream about visiting one day? A place that no matter how many other sights you see or travel bucket lists you write, is always, always at the top? For me that place is Pasticceria Pansa in Amalfi, Italy. This isn't a place that I just discovered for this blog, or came across when I researched for my La Dolce Vita post, or a place I spotted on Instagram, or even a place I found on Pinterest. This is a place that goes way, way back in my family and I have dreamt about it since I was old enough to devour their delicious cakes, which was probably from the age of about four! 

Growing up, when we visited our family in Italy, our favourite cakes from Pansa were already at our Auntie's house by the time we arrived, meaning we never actually got to take the trip to see this wonderful Pasticceria, that was delighting us with so many heavenly treats, in person. Moreover, the only other times we were treated with the cakes we so loved was when Grandad went to Italy to see his family. There was always a sense of excitement in the air upon his return, knowing that we would get our hands on the scrumptious cakes when he unpacked his suitcase. It's these little joys that ingrained in us from an early age that it truly is the little things that count. These memories have my heart bursting with happiness and even at twenty eight years old these wonderful cakes still invoke the same reaction. Which you can witness in our British Vlog from last year. 

Pasticceria Pansa has been open since 1830, when it was founded by Andrea Pansa. Since then the little Pasticceria has been passed on through five generations and it looks like it shows no sign of slowing down. Nanna actually remembers meeting Andrea Pansa, when she was a child. She would take the trip to Amalfi from Praiano with her Dad, Luca, for her favourite Sfogliatelle. She also remembers how her Dad would buy trays and trays of their mouth watering cakes for any occasion, be it a birthday, wedding or anniversary. Seeing her smile as she recounted these stories to us made my heart melt and gave me even more reason to have to visit one day. 
Picture from Pasticceria Pansa Instagram.

Set in an idyllic place, near the Cathedral of Amalfi and right next to the Basilica dedicated to St Andrew the apostle, it's literally an instagrammer and bloggers dream location. Just seeing their photos pop up daily on instagram makes my heart flutter. I will continue to daydream about sitting outside near the fountain, listening to the most beautiful language in the world being spoken, while sipping on an espresso, eating La Pasticceria di Mandorle and Cartucce, as well as, trying their Sfogliatelle for the first time, until the day I am actually there, retracing Nanna and Grandads footsteps, with a camera full of photos, a huge smile on my face and a very happy heart. 

Where is the one place in the whole world that you must visit? Do you even have just one?

Have a great day!
Love Kelly xx

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