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Chris Knott (center) at Frontline Fit.

The other day, I met this amazing women at the gym. I had seen her many times and often looked over and watched her train, as she is always kicking ass, but I was a little nervous about going over to talk to her. Well, the other day she actually came over to me. She wanted to tell me how refreshing it was to watch me train and how fantastic I was doing. She then explained that she had been a bodybuilder for twenty-eight years and that she enjoys watching me train because it's very old school.
She said it made her so happy to see and that I had been inspiring her. Needless to say, I was completely blown away by her sweet words, they meant the absolute world to me. The best part about it though, and what made me smile the most, was the fact that I got to chat to her all about my brother, Chris, after all, he is the one who has taught me everything. She told me to pass on her thoughts to my brother and tell him what a great job he was doing, I couldn't stop grinning.

Over the past few months I have had some lovely people come over to me and compliment my squat and deadlift forms, and in saying thank you I, again, always mention my brother. When I stopped to think about it today, I thought about how incredibly awesome it is that people are noticing his training methods... FROM 4000 MILES AWAY!

Chris has busted his butt over the years and poured countless hours into honing his craft. He is constantly studying, putting himself through courses, keeping up to date with the latest research and experimenting with exercises, foods and more, all to help his clients. Now before you think I'm being biased when I say how awesome he is, understand that there was a time when if he gave me advice, I would just brush it off and think 'what does he know? He's my brother.' So believe me when I say that after training with him consistently for the past twenty-eight weeks, seeing results and then having people compliment his training methods, that I truly mean it when I say he's the best. He certainly had me eating my previous words...what does he know? He knows a bloody lot. :p
Introducing Chris to frozen yoghurt...because balance! ;)

If you saw last weeks 'The Best Surprise Ever' post you will know that Chris and our sister, Jen, turned up on our doorsteps a few weeks back. We were over the moon and I got so excited that I would actually be able to train with Chris rather than just sending him videos. You know for sure he was walking past me tweaking my form and pushing me harder than before and you know what? I enjoyed every minute. Putting my big sister ego aside and actually listening to my baby brother and doing what he tells me to do has been extremely eye opening for me. My confidence in all aspects of life has sored and I feel strong and healthy both mentally and physically. The effect his teachings and program has had on me have been amazing, so knowing that he is not only doing this for me but impacting numerous other clients lives with his knowledge, makes my heart so happy. Knowing now first hand that what Chris does for a living can have the ability to change people's lives in such a positive way, well, I couldn't be more pleased. I feel so insanely proud of him with what he has accomplished and is yet to accomplish that today I just had to share. His passion for what he does inspires me every day. I tried really hard not to get soppy with this one, but I kind of can't help it and I do have to say 'I love him so much', otherwise it just doesn't feel right! :p Sorry Chris but I really do love you tons.

So if you are looking for an extra boost of motivation be sure to follow him on Instagram where he often shares wonderful quotes and hilariously captioned food photos.

If you are in need of training advice or diet advice, head to his facebook page. It's always super informative and a great read. I'm always impressed by what he writes and look forward to his posts.

And if you live in the UK, why not check out Frontline Fit Performance Center. for the best personal trainers, strength camps and more.

Wishing you all an amazing day!
Love Lucy xx

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