Home Alone!

The other week, my husband went out of town for three days. Over the last few years I have often been left to my own devices while he has gone away to wrestling shows and the like, so I am quite used to it, in fact I actually look forward to it. That might sound harsh, but it's true. If you read my post about long distance relationships, you will know that Chris and I are used to spending quite a lot of time apart, so to us it's not really a big deal. Don't get me wrong, I do miss him when he's gone, but sometimes it's fun to have a little bit of me time. I still have Lucy across the hall, which is great, but I really enjoy the Mornings and Evenings when it's just me. I don't know whether it's because my mind has been chock full of so much lately that this time when he went away I was just excited to be able to breathe and do my own thing. 

In the past I always told myself I will stay in bed late or make dinners that only I like, that we don't have all the time, but then I never get round to it because routine kicks in. I'm up at 6:30 and I eat whatever is in. This time I told myself 'No Kelly you will make time to relax and enjoy yourself,' and so I did.

I still had work to go to and I was up early the Friday morning to go to the gym with Luc, but I stayed up till 11:30 on Thursday night reading, made myself one of my favourite Nanna recipes, pasta with chickpeas, curled up in bed early on Friday night and stayed in bed on Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and read for two whole hours. These might seem like little things but to me it's just the fact that I could enjoy all of these things at my own pace. My favourite thing in the world is waking up when it's still dark outside and not worrying about disturbing anyone when I want to sit up for a little bit in bed and watch the sunlight seep in through the blinds. I love making my coffee and just having time to catch up with the world and ponder. This time I was so engrossed in a book I was reading by Rita Bradshaw that to stay in bed and read instead of slipping out into the living room, as to not wake my sleeping husband, was exactly what I needed. I truly felt like I had actually relaxed for once on a weekend morning. 
I also felt like a little bit of a rebel too, as I took my time doing dishes and looked at the laundry basket like 'I won't touch you till Chris gets back with all his clothes that will need washing,' so yes, not many dishes and no laundry for three days...bliss!! :) 

I always find that these days spent apart gives both myself and Chris a chance to regroup and do some of the things we love without having to worry or think about the other person for a little bit. Then when he gets back, I'm all the more excited to see him again and spend lots of time together. 

Do you like spending time apart from your partner, do you have need a break from routine, or do you love spending every second of everyday with each other?

Have a great day!
Love Kelly 


  1. I'm so with you! I love it when my hubs goes out, even just for the evening and i get to do all the girly things I love without his sarcasm in the background ;-)


  2. Haha, I know right? Sometimes it's just fun to do the things you want to do without question! :) Thank you for reading! Kelly xx