Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Did everyone have a good weekend? Did you go to any Halloween parties? We know a lot of the festivities may have taken place over the weekend, we actually had a little Halloween get together on Saturday and dressed up in what may have been our favourite costumes to date, but we couldn't resist doing a little something to celebrate today too. Though today is a little less craziness and more curl up in your favourite pair of pajama's and nibble on a treat or two while watching movies! :) We hope you enjoy!

We picked up these cute Halloween stickers from the Dollar store the other day, as they made us smile and we immediately wanted to get creative with them.
Naturally we have been obsessed with everything Pumpkin Spice this month. We adore getting into the seasons trends as it truly does make us feel all giddy and warm. We picked up some pumpkin spice pudding, some graham crackers and white chocolate chips from the store, because you know when you just have craving's for things? Well, pudding has been at the top of our craving's list for a while now, it's just so scrumptious. Add the fact that they now have Pumpkin Spice flavor...yes please, we'll take a bowl full. So we thought a simple blend of graham crackers and white chocolate would go nicely together for a little Halloween sweet treat.
What to do:
Mix pudding as directed on package.
Break up some graham crackers, simply with your hands or place them in a bag and use a rolling bin to gently crush them.
Place pudding in glass jars to desired amount. Sprinkle a nice thick layer of graham crackers on top and throw in some white chocolate chips! :)

Easy peasy and perfect for a cozy, Halloween night in watching movies...or The Gilmore Girls! :p
We thought we'd throw in a picture of our favourite costumes to date! We were basically living our childhood dreams! :)

Happy Halloween everyone. Please tag us in your pictures, we'd love to see costumes, pumpkins or any sweet treats you make! :)

Have a great day!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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