Fitness Journey Update!

Eighteen weeks ago I introduced you all to my fitness journey with my 'What I've learnt so far on my fitness journey' post, and after being inspired by the awesome Steph from Hello Steph and her monthly 'Fitness Update' posts, I thought I would give you a little update as to how things are going for me eighteen weeks on.

I'm proud to say that I have overcome my bad habit of inconsistency. Even during my four day break in Richmond, when I was away from my regular routine and gym, I managed to stay active and sneak in a little workout at the hotel gym, in addition to getting right back on track the minute I got home. My routine varies from four to five to six gym visits a week and that all depends on how I feel. If work is very busy, meaning I'm on my feet a lot, running around and I'm scheduled in four to five days a week, then I might just do my four sessions plus one cardio session. If work is light I will aim for two cardio sessions with plyos and core, and if I've gone ham all week with my training sessions, adding weights and hitting targets, then sometimes I give myself a little 3 day rest. Sometimes those rest day will be split up, it all depends on work.

Following on from above, I have learnt the importance of rest. I think when I first started this journey I was so scared of rest and felt guilty all the time if I wasn't at the gym. When I went to Richmond for those four days I was having so much fun, enjoying delicious food and spending time with my family, that I allowed myself to really relax. When I came back I actually felt refreshed and my body felt great. I was happy with how I looked and I felt strong when I got back in the gym. In turn I realized just how important and beneficial rest can be. I'm not so scared of it anymore.

Wispy hair, bug eyes & a wrinkly forehead, but hey I think my baby biceps are growing! :p

Over the past few months I have made lots of friends at my gym, to where I now have a friendly bunch of people I can say hi to when I go in. That's huge for me, as gyms in general are a place I was always so scared of going into on my lonesome. Furthermore, my confidence in my body has steadily been improving. With every gym session I feel blessed with what my body can do and I find myself worrying less about what I feel it should look like. In saying that though, I do feel that I have got a better self body image these days. I feel I am starting to allow myself to see the changes I have made and to be happy, rather than looking in the mirror and getting down that I can't see a difference. I think not constantly picking apart the person in the mirror has made a huge difference in bringing these small changes to light and making me feel better about myself.
I was super excited when my brother visited, as I was able to smash some goals that I didn't think I was capable of yet. Have I mentioned before how awesome my brother is?! ;) He changed my program up so I can challenge myself even more over the next eight weeks, before I go home for Christmas. I haven't reached my 200lbs squat yet so I am still pushing for that, but I did manage to deadlift 225lbs, so now we are pushing for 245lbs. While Chris was here, he also coached me in to doing proper pulls ups, so now they have been incorporated into my program and I aim to be able to do at least five in a row, no jumping and great form, by the end of this eight week run. I love having goals to aim for.
So that is where I am currently at. I am incredibly grateful for all the time my brother takes to go through my program with me and I am thankful for his inspiration and constant motivation. I'm honestly having a blast.

Do you have fitness goals for this month? What's been your favourite exercise this month?
Have a wonderful day and remember to believe in yourself! You are capable of anything and everything! :)
Love Lucy xx


  1. I loved reading this Lucy! I always enjoy hearing your updates on Instagram and seeing how well you're doing. Being consistent is the best feeling, right? Once you make it a habit, getting motivated to go workout is a lot easier. It makes me happy that you've found confidence in exercise too. I feel so at home at the gym and I don't bring myself down if my body isn't looking the way I want it to. It's amazing to look in the mirror and be proud. You are killing it with those weights!! I can't even do half of that at the moment. Keep up the awesome work supergirl ;)
    My goal for the month is to leg press twice my body weight (265lbs) and I have really been loving bulgarian split squats lately. So good for targeting everywhere in your legs!
    This is so inspiring!! Can't tell you how grateful I am to have you and Kelly as friends : D xox.
    Steph Hello, Steph Blog

    1. Aww thank you so so much for reading Steph, I really appreciate it. :) Oh I know, finally getting over inconsistency has to be the most amazing feeling. That's awesome Steph, it makes me so happy that you feel the same and you are proud of yourself, you definitely should be! :) It's great to know that your confidence has grown too and you feel so comfortable at the gym now! Aww haha, i'm really loving the strongman style my brother does, so i'm just listening to him regarding weights and how much he tells me to lift! :p
      Ooh I have no doubt you will smash your goal on the leg press, that sounds awesome. I shall definitely be doing more Bulgarian split squats then! :) You inspire me! And i'm so incredibly grateful to have found you too! :) xxx

  2. I'm currently doing as little exercise as I can get away with, so this puts me to shame! Sounds like you're doing really well. Consistency is always so difficult to maintain so well done for succeeding with that! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Aww haha, thank you very much! I appreciate that! I'm sure you're doing great with what you are doing, as long as you enjoy it, then that's the most important part! :) Thank you for reading! x