Fall at Home!

I can't quite believe that October is here already. Where has the year gone? Summer was lots of fun but I am beyond excited that Fall/Autumn is here, as you could probably tell from our Fall Bucket List and Fall Baking Collaboration posts, we were ready for it. These next few months are my favourite of the whole year. Yes I love the sunshine, but there is just something so cozy and warm about the end of the year. The weather, the fashion, the mood, the food and of course the holidays. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about Pumpkin Spice coffee, that soon turns into Peppermint, snuggling up in my softest jumper and fluffiest socks, lighting scented candles that fit the season, thinking about what I'm going to be for Halloween and preparing my Christmas list, the orange crunchy leaves and bitter wind that hits my cheeks, while the rest of me is warm and toasty under layers....

....wait what??? Orange crunchy leaves and bitter wind??!!! I live in Florida!! Oh the tangled web we weave!! Okay, so Fall in Florida might not be exactly how I like my Fall. The weather has changed, it does get a little colder and we still have Pumpkin everything and pretty Fall Fashion, but if I really want to talk to you about what I love most about this time of year, I have to take a trip home.
Home being Heaton Mersey, a little suburb of Stockport,, in Greater Manchester. A place that the longer I am away from, the more I come to appreciate for all it's little quirks.
Here are my favourite things about Autumn (we are now in England after all.) from my hometown.

1. Wrapping up warm to walk to the chippy. The delicious aroma of Salt and Vinegar filling my nostrils and walking back home with a hot bag of freshly made chips in my hands, while the wind whips around me.

2. Walking to Nanna and Grandad's past all the school kids as the orange and brown leaves crunch under foot.

3. Curling up under blankets and watching Harry Potter with my little sister, as the rain lightly taps the windows and the grey sky casts a dark shadow over the living room.

4. Collecting the last of the plump purple figs from Nanna and Grandad's fig tree.

5. Having multiple cups of Tea and Coffee, my favourite being in front of the fire at Nanna and Grandad's house, while munching on my favourite Italian biscuits.

6. Dark nights that make me happy just because they mean it's my favourite time of year.

7. Digging out our Halloween decorations that our Auntie sent us from New York about 10 years ago. We are the only house on our street that decorate for Halloween.

8. The happiness that comes from being around family, tucked up warm in our home. Knowing that we are safe in each others company and that Christmas is just around the corner...but shhh that's another post entirely. 

What do you love most about this time of year? Are you happy Fall/Autumn is here or do you long for more Summer nights?
Have a wonderful day.
Love Kelly xx

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