Dining with Amy's Kitchen.*

You know Kelly and I absolutely love to be in the kitchen, both cooking and baking. We love food and are grateful to have had the upbringing we had; being taught the value and joy of food through watching our Nanna and Grandad whipping up amazing meals and sharing their passion with us. Therefore, it's not often that we reach for pre-packaged, ready to eat, frozen meals when at the grocery store. However, we would be lying if we said we never ever did. Some nights we positively admit to wanting to throw a pizza in the oven, steam some microwavable veggies or just tuck into something we haven't cooked. After all, it's all about moderation right?! Right!

When the awesome people at Amy's Kitchen got in touch with us about sending us some coupons to try their products, we were intrigued. Having a scroll through their website our taste buds began to tickle and we got excited about the prospect of picking out some of their goodies and here's why:

Amy's kitchen is all about:

Non GMO Food.
Using Organic ingredients, vegetables, grains, beans and such.
Taking extra care to insure that they are getting the best ingredients that fit their products.
Supporting labeling initiatives that mean customers know exactly what they are eating.
Making delicious meals that are healthy and good for you.

Here are the items we tried:
We chose a simple Margherita pizza, as well as, Amy's spinach pizza, as it looked too good to pass up. Before we tell you how they tasted, just know that we have been making pizza from scratch with our Grandad since we were kids, so we like to think we know a thing or two about pizza. Well, let us tell you that this pizza was yummy, like, so so yummy, we were tempted not to even share it with our husbands. (We did, we're not that mean!) Both of these pizzas tasted like we had ordered them at a restaurant, not picked them up from the freezer, they truly taste so fresh. While all of the ingredients/toppings were great, we have to say that the base of the pizzas were what really sold us on just how different Amy's is to any other frozen pizza we have tried. It was soft, yet crunchy and had a very authentic flavour. It didn't taste like we were eating processed dough. It actually taste like something Grandad would make. We could have eaten plates of the base alone!! :)
Next to try was the Brown rice, black eyed peas and veggie bowl. We made a piece of fish to accompany this dish for lunch one day and again, at the risk of being repetitive, it tasted so fresh. You know when you buy frozen or even canned vegetables and they have a strange rubbery texture and just taste like the bag or the can? Well not from Amy's. This tasted like we had just whipped it up ourselves. It was incredibly delicious. This is definitely something we would happily have on hand when doing food prep or for when we need a nutritious meal fast.
Last but most definitely not least is this broccoli and cheddar bake. We adore macaroni and cheese, it's not as popular in England but has definitely become one of our favourite American dishes, so this we knew we had to try. We had finished work late one night and were so hungry, we couldn't wait to taste it. Mmmmmm is all we can say, we actually finished the whole thing between the two of us...yes this one we're afraid our husbands didn't get to try! Oops! This dish was creamy, with the right amount of cheesy, it had a perfect crunch on top and just enough broccoli to add variety for our taste buds. The broccoli and cheddar bake was a huge winner and certainly a nice treat.

So after trying these four products from Amy's, we can honestly say we would get them again in a heartbeat. We can't say anything negative about any of these dishes. They were all devoured within minutes and left nothing but the odd crumb and smiles on our faces.

Make sure you have a read on the Amy's website for more information about their products, as well as their story. It's quite amazing to read about how the company came about and all the roles the family play in running it today. We love family run businesses! :)

Next time you go to the grocery store be sure to look for the Amy's logo!! We are so excited because it's available in England too, we can't wait to try some more pizzas with our family at Christmas, as we know our Mum for sure will love it! :)

Thank you Amy's!

Have a great day!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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