Book Review: Christmas Under a Starlit Sky by Holly Martin!

Release Date: 19th October 2016.
Publisher: Bookouture.
Twitter: @hollymartin00 @bookouture

If I thought I wanted to visit Juniper Island after reading 'Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky,' I most certainly know I have to visit there after reading 'Christmas Under a Starlit Sky.' Not least because I now feel like I have friends there but because it seriously sounds like my perfect place to live. It's full of snow, fairy lights and log cabins in the winter months and in summer there is sunshine and pretty flowers. It's quite simply heaven on earth.

Holly Martin is basically Santa Claus this year as she's given us all two wonderful Christmas presents in the form of these two Christmas beauties..I heard something about a super secret book too...excuse me while I try and contain my excitement...see, SANTA!!
In book two, 'Christmas Under a Starlit Sky,' we learn more about Gabe's sister Neve and her relationship with Superhero movie star Oakley Rey, which we caught glimpses of in book one. It's a wonderful story about following your dreams and putting others before yourself. When Neve thinks she is doing the right thing by keeping some very important information from Oakley, her Christmas is anything but wonderful. However, while Oakley may be young and having the time of his life in his dream job, he's about to show Neve that dreams can change and that when you truly love someone, you will get through whatever obstacles or bumps are thrown your way.
Not only did we get this whirlwind of a story with these two endearing characters, Holly Martin also gave us another couple to completely fall in love with in this book, in the form off assistant manager Adam and Christmas town painter Ivy. All four of these characters had their own pasts to come to terms with in order to look forward to the future but most importantly to allow them to enjoy the present. I loved that in small ways, their stories kind of intertwined with the hopes and dreams each person had. They all had to accept love and what loving someone would entail, if you dive in head first and give it all you've got.
I loved the strong minded girls in Neve and Ivy, both with walls to break down but both with softer sides to them that were incredibly sweet, kind and caring. But I have to admit to adoring both Adam and Oakley, each for their own different reasons. Oakley came across as so adorable, in the sense that, he wanted to try so hard for Neve and even though he was younger and almost childlike himself, being so happy playing the superhero, he was willing to do whatever it took to show Neve how much he cared and wanted to do what was right. I couldn't help but swoon a little, okay, a lot. As for Adam, he was just everything you want in a guy. Handsome, helpful, strong, muscly, sweet, passionate...I think you get my point. I liked that he worked so hard at his job and was hesitant to get involved with someone but yet he allowed himself to go with his gut feelings. It made me smile and feel happy for him, like 'Go on Adam, go for it, you deserve this after working so hard.' Him and Ivy made such a cute couple and It was so much fun going back and forth between them, Neve and Oakley. It made the book extra exciting and interesting.
I can't believe I've finished both of Holly Martin's Christmas books already, I remember this time last year after reading 'Christmas at Lilac Cottage' and 'Snowflakes on Silvercove,' feeling like 'what do I do now!' :p I guess I all I can do is wait patiently for next year...unless I hear more about this super secret book....eeeekkk....I'm pulling at straws here because I have no clue what it is. But if you haven't read any of the four amazing books I have mentioned then what are you waiting for? Holly Martin is a Christmas queen and I guarantee these books will have you in the cozy, festive spirit in no time at all. I give you till the 3rd sentence...she's that good!! Get your copy today!

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