Book Review: Celebrations and Confetti by Rebecca Raisin!

Release Date: 24th October 2016.
Publisher: UK Carina.
Twitter: @jaxandwillsmum @ukcarina

If you saw our 'Big News' video over on YouTube, you will already know just how excited we have been for Rebecca Raisin's new three book Christmas series. If you haven't seen the video then let's just say our excitement comes in singing and dancing form. We adore Rebecca Raisin. From the moment we first read 'The Gingerbread Cafe' series we just knew she was going to be an author that would be returning to our bookshelves over and over again...we weren't wrong. Each of her stories have us prancing, smiling and completely content in our little book worlds and 'Celebrations and Confetti' was so different.

In book one we meet event planner Clio, who has just arrived back in her hometown after purchasing the very glamorous yet rundown Cedarwood Lodge. She has left behind a high profile wedding planning career in New York City, after a not so happy celebrity couple turned her into a media magnet for all the wrong reasons. It's safe to say she will never get another wedding in New York with the current stories in the papers, so she's back at home with the task of renovating the lodge. She always dreamed about what Cedarwood Lodge would look like back in it's former glory, ever since she ran around the grounds as a child with her best friend Micah. Now the lodge is hers, she's determined to make it into a success.
Rebecca Raisin always manages to pack so much warmth, coziness and heart into her stories, which just makes me so happy and content reading them. I can always picture Rebecca writing them with such passion and love, as it practically shines off the page. I really get a sense for how much she knows and cares about her characters, which makes me care about them too. In 'Celebrations and Confetti,' Clio is such a fun character to read about, she's hardworking, smart, girly and a dreamer. I wanted Cedarwood Lodge to be a success as much as she did with all the hard work and belief she was putting into it. I hated that Clio hadn't been treated well in New York especially because of silly celebrity scandals and people doing anything for a story, it seemed so unfair on Clio when she loved her job and was just doing what felt right. However, I liked that it meant she ended up back home because you could tell she still loved the place she grew up. I especially liked that even after six years, her and her best friend Micah never missed a beat and fell right back into their old routines and ways. Like the six years apart never even happened. I think those kinds of friendships are incredibly special, so that was another element to the story that put a smile on my face. 
I'm so excited for book two now as I can't wait to see how Clio's next event at Cedarwood goes and also if she hears anything from a certain blonde haired surfer guy...pretty please!!! 
These stories are sure to warm you up over the winter months and have you in a jolly, festive mood. Make sure you get your copy of 'Celebrations and Confetti' today! 

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Love Kelly 

PS. Lucy here, I am very close to the end of Celebrations and Confetti and just had to add that I couldn't adore this wonderful women more. Rebecca Raisin completely sucks you in to the world she creates and it's awesome. :) I'm intrigued to find out what is going to happen with Clio and if she re ignites old flames from high school or follows the new butterflies that a certain gorgeous Australian seems to give her. :) Also, I can't wait to see how her first party at Cedarwood Lodge goes. I'm currently at the part where a few obstacles have been thrown Clio's way, with two weeks before the big event, so I hope it all works out for her! :) Go get yourself a copy of this delightful read today! :)


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