A day to celebrate!

It made me smile when I looked back on the blog and realized that this day each year I had written a special post. One year in and I talked about our magical day and whipped up a replica of our wedding cake. Two years later and I shared some pictures and memories of the best day ever. Three years down and I couldn't help but giggle as the idea came to me for sharing a different kind of post on this wonderful day. Yes, three years gone and today I bring you 'what I've learnt about my husband'. And for those of you wondering what the special occasion is... today marks our third wedding anniversary. Where does the time go? Without further ado:

My husband Chris:
Uh that face!!! Insert huge heart eyed emoji!
Is still the coolest, most awesome guy I know. He just has a very laid back demeanor and always looks like a rockstar.
Is handy to have around when you have a problem. He assesses the situation, doesn't freak out and solves it without breaking a sweat.
Balances out my overthinking and always helps me to see a different perspective and to calm down.
Makes the best burritos and mango salsa.
Likes to season the stove when he's cooking, not just the food in the pan.
Has the cutest laugh when he's trying not to laugh.
More often than not forgets something when he leaves the house.
Will forget something you just told him, but also listens to every one of my monologues and a thousand words per minute rambles...every single day.
Is way more fashionable than I will ever be.
Always knows how to motivate me and make me feel confident.
Is a kick ass guitar player.
Is awesome to talk to on long road trips. We can talk about everything and anything.
Is super creative and writes the best songs and poetry.
And...he is the person who makes my heart happy and still, after three years, when we have spent more than a few hours apart, I get butterflies and smile like a goof when he walks through the door and I get to hug him tight and see his face. :)
I'm a very lucky wife!
Wishing everyone a wonderful and happy day. I'm off to spend the day with Chris to celebrate!
Love Lucy. xx


  1. This is so cute! Every time I hear something lovely your husband does, I think #Husbandgoals! Chris sounds amazing : )
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog

    1. Aww thank you Steph! I am very lucky, he is pretty awesome! :) xxx