The Rainy City Old Boys.

I woke up one morning a few weeks back to find some pictures on Facebook that made me super happy and excited. These pictures inspired me to turn on the computer and just write, so today's post is going to be a little chatty.

I have written one or two posts in the past about Classic Cars due to our Dad having a passion for them and having grown up travelling to car shows with him most weekends. I have developed a special place for them in my heart and love writing and researching about them. Back in the seventies Dad was part of a group called 'The Rainy City Cruisers' and last year, when he was taking part in a big Car Show at Event City in Manchester, England, him and his friends decided to get the band back together to enter their cars into the show. 'The Rainy City Old Boys' was's been a little while since the seventies after all!! ;p The show went really well and Dad's Cadillac actually came away with best car in the whole show, there were quite a lot of cars, so that was a big deal. I should just say on a side note that these cars are like our other brothers and sisters. We have travelled in them since we were kids, waxed them to their maximum shine and admired them as they've appeared in TV adverts. They are Dad's other children and the fact that they make him so happy, make us so happy. Therefore, when they win trophies at shows, it's very exciting for us.

A few weekends ago, he was back at Event City with 'The Rainy City Old Boys' for The Manchester Classic Car Show. Scrolling through Facebook and seeing the pictures of Dad with his friends, next to his pride and joys, just bought a huge smile to my face. I really hope they keep doing these shows so we can make it to one in future.

Photo Credit: Simon Gothard Dad is in the striped shirt!

The group had quite a big following back in the day and it's so cool reading online about all the people who still remember and love 'The Rainy City Cruisers'. They even had memorabilia, which Dad proudly showed off at the show, I'm talking stickers, jackets, bags, you name it, they had it. How incredibly awesome is that? And how vintage and fashionable is this bag?

Photo credit: Colin Anthony Wood.

However, the biggest thing that made me so happy when scrolling through 'The Rainy City Cruisers' Facebook page, was coming across a photo a guy posted that I have never seen before, or if I have I don't remember. It's a photo of a man guiding an engine into Dad's 1963 Humber. Imagine just sitting at your computer checking social media as usual, when not only do you come across photos from the event above, but you also find an old picture of your GRANDAD thrown into the mix!! Yep, I'm staring at the picture of the man and the Humber (shown below) and I tell you, I could have cried. It was so cool to see people sharing pictures from the car show, but also sharing pictures they have from years ago that bring them so much joy. The fact that Dad plays a huge part in all this and I get to see his friends talking about and posting pictures from a time when I wasn't even around is just amazing. To be able to say to these people 'hey that's my Grandad, with the Car that's in our garage and has been since I was born,' is just so incredible to me.

I think what makes it so great, is the sense of friendship and the thought that these cars are bringing people together. We have always grown up hanging out with Dad's friends and have always taken an interest in going to Car Shows with him, but to see through the likes of Facebook just how much these cars are admired to this day, gives it all a whole new level of meaning. There's a sense of belonging and a fierce loyalty to the era that Dad and 'The Rainy City Cruisers' grew up in. I will always have more of a soft spot for the Classics. Seeing this club and how much it means to people and how much history it has, only makes that feeling stronger.  

Are your parents part of any clubs or groups that they like to tell you about or you love hearing about? If you don't know, you should ask and maybe you can dig out old photos too! :)

Have a wonderful day!
Kelly xx

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