Low Carb pizza...yes please!

I am an incredibly lucky wife for many reasons, one reason being that my husband is an amazing cook. As you may know, I'm rather fond of food...understatement of the year...I LOVE food and am a huge foodie. I am pretty much always thinking about food and when my next meal is. If you have been following my fitness posts, you will know that over the past few months I have been tracking my macro's. That doesn't mean to say I have been dieting or depriving myself of foods, I have just been a lot more food conscious and have been making healthier choices. Whilst tracking my macro's allowed me to have a slice of pizza here and there, that pizza and heavy dough would count for most of my daily carb in take for the day. Some days that would be fine, other's not so much, I wanted more balance, but what could I possibly eat that could replace the deliciousness of pizza?
My husband often gets spurts of inspiration where he runs over to the grocery store with a specific recipe in mind. He makes me laugh as he goes through phases, one week it's sandwiches, the next tacos, the next burritos. On this particular day it happened to be pizza. He went round the store picking up fresh Puerto Rican bread, pepperoni, cheese and tomato sauce, while I drooled and wondered what I was going to eat. It was already dinner time and I had already eaten plenty of carbs that day. When we got home I was feeling slightly hangry. I was going to have a rest day but decided to just head to the gym, to relive a little stress. When I got back I was greeted by a plate of pizza Chris had made specifically for me. Enter balance! :) 
Using a low carb tortilla, turkey bacon, reduced fat cheese and a little tomato sauce, Chris had made me my very own macro friendly pizza. Let me tell you, food is most definitely the way to a women's heart because I was as giddy as can be. I devoured it within minutes and couldn't stop smiling at how thoughtful he had been. I have literally wanted pizza every day since, so Chris has been busy whipping up different concoctions! :) The first picture is a Mexican style pizza, lean ground beef with a light taco seasoning, green bell peppers, fresh tomato's and a little salsa and the one above is my light turkey bacon pizza. For this pizza in particular, the macro's were: C13/ F17/ P21 for 1 low carb tortilla, 4 slices Jennie O's turkey bacon, 1/3 cup reduced fat cheese & 1/3 cup of tomato sauce. 
Chris loves a great Philly Cheesesteak and decided he wanted to make a pizza version. This pizza uses lean steak, green bell pepper, onions, a little tomato, reduced fat fiesta cheese blend and a low carb tortilla! It was awesome! :) 

Who else loves BBQ? This pizza was as simple as can be to make. We diced up some chicken breast, fried it up in a pan with a drop of oil, added a tablespoon of BBQ sauce once it was cooked and gave it a good mix. Spread maybe a little less than a tablespoon of BBQ sauce on to the low carb tortilla, placed the chicken on top and into the oven it went until crisp! Be sure to pick up a light/sugar free BBQ sauce, if you are wanting to keep it as low carb as possible.There really are so many healthier options out there! :)  

What's your favourite pizza topping? If you try these recipes out we would love to know in the comments below or tweet us @theblossomtwins :)

Have a lovely day!
Love Lucy xx


  1. It looks so tasty too?! Nice one!


    1. It really is delicious! There's no difference to a regular thin crust pizza! :) Thank you! :)