Heyyy we want some Bayley!

When I was twelve I wanted to be Jeff Hardy. When I was twenty-one, and well into my journey of becoming a professional wrestler, I wanted to be HBK Shawn Michaels. I was definitely aware of the women in wrestling and very much adored Trish Stratus and Mickie James.
When they were in the ring kicking butt I was on the edge of my seat. However, back then the women were often portrayed very differently to how they are now. My twelve/sixteen/twenty year old self couldn't relate to, or associate with, the bra and panties matches, showing off a whole lot of TNA, Diva searches and dancing. So I was drawn to the men, looked up to them and just wanted to emulate them. I dreamed of wrestling Shawn Michaels and one day having tag matches with Lucy, against the Hardy Boyz.

During my years as a professional wrestler, myself and Lucy would often get told that we were 'too nice' for the wrestling business or that wearing bows, pigtails and talking about all things cupcakes and sweet made us look like we were ten. We were informed on many occasions that we needed to 'sex it up a bit.' and wrestle like girls. You can bet we got frustrated by these words and of course angry. We wanted no part of that, we just wanted to wrestle. We would find ourselves disgruntled, always trying to fight back in our own small ways. That wasn't what we wanted to represent. We wanted little kids to see the girls happy, confident and covered up. We wanted to be strong, girlie and tough. We wanted, plain and simple, to be wrestlers. Deep down we knew there was a place for things the way we saw them.

Fast forward to sometime in 2015 when I was sitting on my couch watching NXT and what did I see before me? A woman wearing the most awesome wrestling tights, with bows in her hair, colourful headbands and a side ponytail, asking the fans for what?? Did she just say HUGS?!!! Well it's safe to say that my little heart skipped a beat! I was shocked, amazed, pleased and in absolute awe. You couldn't wipe the grin off my face. The woman I am talking about was and is of course BAYLEY!
Having not watched WWE consistently in a long while, I then tuned in every week. Wrestling suddenly became more important to me again. I had to watch what Bayley did, I had to watch her wrestle. Watching her made me feel like a kid again. There was no doubt in my mind that had she been around when I was twelve, I would have wanted to be exactly like her, heck at twenty- eight years old I want to be exactly like her. Bayley is the epitome of everything I wanted to be and everything I wanted to see in wrestling. I get goosebumps just writing that and thinking about her. I literally can not express how beyond excited I get when watching her and how much she makes me freaking LOVE wrestling.
Her phenomenal talent and passion for what she does, is evident every time she steps in the ring. The fact that she does it all with a smile on her face, Macho Man inspired tassels and a hug waiting for her opponent just makes it ten times better. We finally have someone who kids, adults, guys and girls can relate to and look up to. To me she's the perfect role model. She's the best of the best. She's not a 'diva,' 'women's wrestler' or a phase in the 'women's revolution.' She is a wrestler, a superstar, she is the future of this business.

Hug Life indeed!! :) 

Love Kelly xx

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