Foodies in Richmond VA!

This past Labor Day weekend, Chris and I headed home to Virginia to surprise our family and be there for our nephews first birthday. It had been a good five months since we had seen him, and been to Virginia, so needless to say we were very much looking forward to the trip.

The surprise was a success and the Mickie Mouse themed birthday party was totally adorable. We were so happy we got to be there for it. I had so much fun playing with my gorgeous nephew and got plenty of cuddles and kisses, he is ridiculously cute. While back in Virginia I couldn't resist scouring Instagram and asking my fellow foodie friends for some of the best food spots to visit, because after all, when you go on a mini's all about the food, right?

Our friend Alana recommended 'Toast' to us and after checking out their menu and Instagram, it went straight to the top of my list. After a little shopping at Short Pump Mall, we headed to Toast and Oh My Goodness...take me back NOW!!! Chris had the Nashville Chicken sandwich and I opted for the Toast burger, because when you're having a break from counting macros for the weekend, you go big or you go home! :p We both had sweet potato tots. I devoured that entire plate...need I say more? The burger was cooked to perfection, juicy and delicious, it melted in your mouth. The tots were incredible, a hint of sweet cinnamon and crunchy and uh, I'm drooling. We definitely want to go back and try their breakfast menu! Highly, highly recommend this place!

And for a little foodie break, we spent two hours exploring the great outdoors of Belle Isle, which is actually where we got engaged. This time Chris wanted to take me to Dead Rock. I was so incredibly excited. This Grateful Dead painting has been there for decades. It's been hard to find an exact time frame, in addition to finding the story as to how it originated, as there are a few stories out there. In doing some research I did learn that there were a lot of mixed opinions about this being graffiti and how it should be removed, though if my findings are correct and up to date, it was there before Belle Isle became parkland and became a historic landmark in 2009, so now no one can touch it. :)It has been re painted over the years, and after looking through a bunch of pictures, I really like this version. It was such a cool spot to visit.

Instagram I blame you, because what kind of person spends hours looking at Doughnut pictures on Instagram, taking notes and writing lists? A crazy person or a very smart person? I opt for the latter because Sugar Shack doughnuts are amazing, like really, really amazing.

I fell in love the minute I walked through the door of Sugar Shack and immediately decided that the style and d├ęcor is what I would love my kitchen to look like one day. It was super cozy and rustic and just so, so pretty. The smell was out of this world, warm, fresh, sweet, delicious doughnuts, that I could have eaten twenty of, filled the room. Chris and I chose Fruit loops, chocolate chip, peanut and caramel, Cinnamon sugar and Chocolate glaze...they were heaven!! I seriously can't wait to go back to Sugar Shack!

Aahh Wonderland! Now in theory, Wonderland is not the place you'd ever think you would find me. Everywhere you look it's skulls, creepy objects and this night I swear to goodness I couldn't get away from the scariest, freakiest, ugliest clown glaring at me from three different TV screens, however, it's the home of Richmond Lucha and the home of Chad. Chad being the owner and long time friend of my husbands. Though it's not all Hello Kitty and Rapunzel, Chad makes up for it with his lovable and friendly nature and therefore I adore Wonderland. It has the coolest vibe ever and I love that it's all from the mind of Chad. Chad created it, it's his and it's so unique. In addition, I employ you to find deep fried Bacon Mac n Cheese balls as exceptional as Chads. Oh and where else can you get a Nutella and Mozarella sandwich that once you finish you want to order another one straight away?

Chris took the picture of this poster as he said it couldn't have been more perfect to describe our trip! :) One of the many reasons I love VA is the stories Chris shares with me. I love visiting places that he grew up going to, I love learning the history, hearing how it's changed or what is still there. The Continental West Hampton used to be Phil's Continental Lounge, but now it's the most scrumptious foodie spot. I absolutely loved the decor and the cool cozy vibe, but I may have loved the menu a tiny bit more, and that's saying see those lanterns? They change to Pumpkins during Halloween, how awesome is that?

Oh when pictures can say a thousand words, or maybe just two...EAT ME? You are looking at French toast with berries and Greek yoghurt and sausages dipped in pancake batter, then deep fried and dipped in maple syrup, so basically heaven on a plate. I can't even, I just can't. Genius I tell you, utter genius. The French toast was the fluffiest, softest French toast I have ever had the pleasure of eating and my taste buds thanked the foodie Gods for the bite of Chris' pancake sausage corn dogs that I savored with every chew. The Continental West Hampton...phenomenal.

I sort of, kind of apologize if I have made you very hungry and looking up flights to Richmond, but on the other hand, I just say go for it, do it, go eat those doughnuts and go on the hunt for that burger because you will not be disappointed. I really hope you enjoyed this post today, I had so much fun writing it and sharing this adventure with you. It was the perfect weekend.

If you'd like to see Chris and I in action, and me not so elegantly eating doughnuts, check out this weeks 'Life is Sweet' over on our YouTube for our VA Vlog! :)

Wishing you all an awesome day!
Love Lucy xx


  1. I am so hungry now haha Wow that food looked amazing. I saw it on your video, but these pictures make me want to visit Richmond so badly. I completely agree that trips like this are all about food! It's what I look forward to most about holidays. Craving those delicious donuts! Great post Lucy :)
    Steph x.

    1. Aww thank you so much Steph! :) And yes, I totally agree with you, i'm always all about the food! :p It was so much fun to visit new places in Richmond and appreciate what they have after all this time of visiting. It's such a cool place! :) xxx