Foodie Friday: Arroz!!!!

Here on the blog we are all about Italy and all things Italian. With our family being from the wonderful Amalfi coast, and growing up eating the best food in the world, thanks to our Nanna and Grandad, Italy has our hearts. However, we would have to say that our third favourite food, after traditional British grub of course, would have to be Spanish. As luck would have it, I married into a Puerto Rican family, so now not only do I get to enjoy my favourite foods when I go home to England, but now every family get together I go to here in Florida, I get to dig into the most scrumptious, made from scratch, Spanish food you can get your hands on. My Mom in law and Auntie's make the most amazing Spanish rice, I can devour bowls and bowls full of it, so naturally I had to learn how to make it.
After having watched my Mother in Law and Titi Millie making the rice a few times, I was determined to try it myself. No recipe sheet would be allowed, as much like my Grandad has taught me over the years, Titi Millie and Mom simply cook with love and passion. I had my fingers crossed hoping I would remember all the ingredients and make it as tasty as they make it.
 Into the pan went ham, pepper, cilantro, oil, peas (or beans) and plenty of lovely Spanish seasonings. 
 Add tomato sauce, sofrito and a little recaito.
Let simmer and evaporate then cover with foil, place the lid on and let cook.
And...YAY!! Oh my goodness I can't tell you how excited I was when the aroma of the rice filled the room when I lifted the lid. Seeing that it had all come together the way it was supposed to made me squeal with glee. Kelly and I knew what it was supposed to taste like and were incredibly happy with how it turned out. We got the flavours and the texture down and it was delicious. However, the real test came when serving it to my husband, Chris. I knew I would score some major wife points if I was able to make one of his favourite dishes ever, so I was slightly anxious as to if I had done it justice. I needn't have worried though, I received a huge smile and plenty of hugs from Chris, which made my heart skip a beat, he loved it. I'm so thrilled that I now know how to make this incredible dish and I thank my amazing family for teaching me how to do it and passing one of their traditions on to me! :)

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy xx

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