Why I love Professional Wrestling!

It's a known fact that adults, heck even teens often get picked on for liking wrestling. It's the uncool 'sport,' the fake 'sport,' the one where men wear tights and take steroids. I've known people who are too embarrassed to admit to liking wrestling, to wear their favourite superstars shirts with pride, or even admit to being a professional wrestler themselves. My question is, why?? At 28 years old, after being hooked since I was 12, I'll tell you something that I know about Professional wrestling...

It's freaking awesome!!!!

Lately more than ever, wrestling all over the world is on fine form. I'm writing this after having an awesome evening watching WWE Battleground. The show was so good, so entertaining, that I just felt so inspired. It had everything, action, drama, comedy, unbelievable athleticism, everything that makes wrestling one of the best forms of entertainment in the world today.

No matter what anyone says about it, what I just stated is true. Professional wrestling is one of the best forms of entertainment in the world today. I don't care if you want to argue that it's 'fake' or 'stupid' or whatever else you want to say because my answer to all of those opinions is...let me quote The Rock...'It doesn't matter what you think!!' Okay, so yes you are allowed your own opinion on the matter, but please keep it to yourself and let us fans enjoy it for what it is.

It's exciting, it's family friendly, it's fun and oh yeah, just for those still wanting to argue...take it from someone who knows, it most definitely is not FAKE! So we have story lines, so the wrestlers know who's going to win, so what? Movies are fake, TV shows are fake and we love them. It's all in the name of entertainment. Just because we know who's winning does not make the bumps and bruises and the athleticism any less real. Every bump, every top rope move, every hit of your back against the rope, heck even kicks and punches can hurt.

What I care about most is the feelings it evokes, the passion, the fire, the heart. Hearing Bayley's music when she came out at WWE Battleground genuinely made me feel like that 12 year old kid again who was in awe, in amazement and totally hooked by these larger than life characters in front of her. Seeing Sasha Banks the following night on Raw win the Women's title gave me goosebumps. These girls are two of my absolute idols right now, showing the world that dreams do come true and that girls can kick ass.

When I wrestled myself I adored, and still do, watching the legends and learning my history, guys like Macho Man Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, The Million Dollar Man and Mr Perfect, were people I loved to study and learn from. I challenge you to watch any of their matches and NOT end up smiling from ear to ear at the end because of the charisma and storytelling and all around awesomeness of these men. But in the last two years or so I hadn't watched wrestling as religiously as I did when I was a kid. However, thanks to NXT and new shows like The Cruiser-weight Classic series, WWE now has me hooked again. These shows are my favourites as they are both entertaining, whilst being chock full of absolutely phenomenal talent. I love seeing the up and comers get shots, guys like American Alpha...no words, just watch them. Enzo Amore and Big Cass, I mean really, if watching them cut a promo alone doesn't instantly make you a wrestling fan then I don't know what will and that's before they actually wrestle. Then of course you have the aforementioned women who I can't even begin to describe how fantastic they are. All of these men and women go out each night to entertain, to live their dreams and to put on one hell of a show. They are artists, story tellers, athletes and most definitely larger than life.

So if you've never watched professional wrestling before, I urge you to do so now. Forget your troubles, release your inner child and feel the power of these superstars.
To all my fellow wrestling fans, How you doin? Have a nice day!

Love Kelly


  1. I wish I could share this post Kelly, cos I echo those comments completely and I'm 35! I love not WWE and TNA and they both entertain me!

  2. Thank you for reading! I think when wrestling truly gets in your blood, no matter how old you are, it never goes away! There is always something that you will like about it! :)
    Kelly xx