Girl Bosses of Instagram!

It's so easy to see photos of 'Celebs' and think they have it easy, to think that with fame and money they just get things handed to them and everything is just perfect in their world. It's also easy as fans of theirs to put them on a pedestal and to think you could never be like them because they are of a different species to us regular folk. That's why today I have compiled a list of my favourite 'Celebs' on Instagram who show me everyday that A) They are regular people, with normal issues, doing normal things and B) That the view from the top isn't just money, holidays, fancy food and clothes but rather, 5 am call times, hustling, travelling and working their asses off. All of these people inspire me every day to work hard on my goals and to never give up. All of these woman, I think, define what a 'Girl Boss' actually is!

1) Rochelle Humes.
I remember Rochelle from back in her S Club Junior days, so it has been cool following her career since then. Apart from now being in the band 'The Saturdays,' Rochelle is also a presenter, fashion enthusiast with her own clothing range and a mum. I love following her on Instagram because, if she's not sharing photos of her family and friends. She's sharing behind the scenes photos from shoots she is doing for her line or in the make up chair getting ready for filming a TV show. She is basically always doing something. To me, it's inspiring to see that even after being in the industry from a young age, she is still going strong and seems like the kind of person who takes every opportunity she is given and runs with it. She seems like a very hard worker and it's very motivating to see!
2) Fearne Cotton.
Another English gem and someone who seems so down to earth despite her 1.6 million followers on Instagram and the countless TV shows she has presented. If you are English, like me, then you will no doubt know who Fearne Cotton is, for those who don't, she is an English TV presenter, was a radio one DJ for years and has her own fashion range as well as a best selling cookbook. On Instagram she is always posting pictures of delicious food that just makes you want to cook and bake, family activities, everyday life and fashion. One thing I love is that Fearne posts a lot of no makeup photos, she of course looks stunning, but I love that as a 'celeb' she isn't afraid to be herself and doesn't seem to worry about always looking put together. I think she's a really cool, unique person who is just like us and not afraid to show it.
3) Melissa Joan Hart.
I don't know what to say about Melissa Joan Hart as I honestly just love her to pieces. Sabrina was my favourite show growing up and I love that she is still kicking butt and doing so much. I love seeing how happy she is with her family, photos of new movies and TV projects and when she is promoting her kids clothing company. All of it is a constant source of inspiration.The woman never stops! She is just amazing to me. I love that she is family orientated and works so hard. I also love that she always comes up with the coolest ways of putting her last name into her projects and that her biography has the best title ever; Melissa Explains it All! I mean come on - Genius!!! :)
4) Reese Witherspoon.
What's not to love about Reese Witherspoon? Seriously? For starters the woman hasn't aged a bit over the years and I am constantly shocked that she has 3 kids because she just doesn't look old enough. For a very well known celebrity, I love that Reese always posts fun, happy, family, girly pictures and videos. She seems so down to earth and normal that seeing her pictures always puts a smile on my face. She also wears the most adorable outfits too. I will take one of every dress she wears please and thank you! To me she is another inspiring woman, who is always on the go and working hard whilst also raising a family. Her happy, bright coloured posts always make me think about being a nice, positive person. It doesn't matter how rich, poor, famous or not you are. It is always important to be a good person.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Who do you follow on Instagram from the wonderful world of 'Celebrity' that inspires you?

Have a wonderful day!
Love Kelly xx

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