Blogger chat: Katie from La Coco Noire.

Today we have a chat with Katie from La Coco Noire. We only discovered this gorgeous blog and blogger a few weeks ago and couldn't believe we hadn't found it sooner. We knew we had to interview Katie to find out more about her while binge reading her whole blog. From the first sentence of the first post we read, we knew she was going to be one of our favourites. Her writing style is so easy going, funny and easy to relate to and as for her pictures, well they are just stunning! We love how with each blog we read and each new blogger we meet, we are inspired and motivated to improve our skills and to learn more about new areas that we may not have been so focused on before. That was definitely the case once we saw Katie's photos. Now we want to photograph anything and everything. With a love for cakes, photography and Paris, we promise Katie's blog will be one you will see and say; J'ADORE!

1) Thank you for joining us on our blog today Katie. Let's start with where it all began, shall we? What made you start your blog?
Such a super babe to be here - thank you! I got really into photography in my early teens so set up a blog as a place to share my pictures. This trundled along for a good few years with little to no readers before I discovered Bloglovin' and the entire blogging community a few years ago. Have never looked back! 
2) Your blog has some stunning photography, which we absolutely love. Have you always wanted to be a photographer?
Thank you! Yes, I've always loved photography and knew it was something I could never tire of. I love documenting moments of my life - I'm kinda sentimental like that so photography just makes sense to me.

3) Do you have a specific spot where you blog or do you move around?
I'm usually sitting at my kitchen table with a cuppa when I write my posts, but I edit photos in front of the telly. Nine times out of ten my background music is Come Dine With Me. With more tea, obviously. 

4) You have various categories on your blog that you write about such as, travel, recipes, Paris, lifestyle and more. What's your favourite category to write about?
I'm gonna go with Paris because I physically can't write about that place without welling up in happy tears over how in love with it I am. Is that lame? Sorry if that's lame.
5) We've been drooling over a lot of your recipes (and photos) if you had to pick one recipe that we absolutely MUST try that you have blogged about, which one would it be?
Okay I am SO glad you asked me this because I've been meaning to shed some much deserved light back on this little baby that I made last year: The absolute best cheesecake recipe you will ever eat in your life, period.

6) You love Paris so much that it even has it's own section on your blog. What's your favourite thing about the city?
I would be lying if I said it was anything other than the architecture. French buildings really tug on my little heart strings. But macarons, pain aux raisins, Le Marais and shopping are other contributing factors.
7) If you could pick one thing about your blog that you love the most, what would it be?
The comments, oh the lovely little comments that people leave! I love 'em.

8) What do you like best about being a blogger?
Being able to nose around in people's lives and live vicariously through others adventures, stalking other people's photography, learning new tips and tricks and having my own little online journal I can look back on. I also love being able to justify photographing anything and everything and people can't even get mad because it's 'for the blog'. 
9) Do you have a specific drink or snack that you must have with you whilst writing?
Tea, tea, always and forever tea!

10) Last but not least, is there a place that you would love to photograph but have yet to visit?
I do not have enough space to answer this question! My travel bucket list is longer than the Great Wall of China. But the two places I'm really keen to see are Bali and Iceland. I'd die in a pool of happy camera craziness.

Thank you so much to Katie for being apart of our blogger chat series, again make sure you check out her beautiful blog.

We hope you have enjoyed our blogger chat series! Let us know in the comments below if you would like to see more blogger chats and who you would like to learn more about! :)

Have a great day!
Love Lucy and Kelly

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