Why I love counting Macros!

What are Macro's?
To put it simply 'Macro's', short for Macronutrients, are what our foods are made up of. You have Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats and the amount of each of these in any given produce add up to give us the number of calories in our foods. I found a really great article over on Bodybuilding.com where you can learn more.
Working out your bodies Macro's!

Now all the credit for this goes to my brother, he has been guiding me a long the way and making sure I am doing everything right and getting what I need. I feel that the numbers that he worked out for me are working well with my body and I feel really happy. You can visit his facebook page for so many great fitness and food posts/advice and also check out his website if you want to learn more. In addition, you can refer to the article above to calculate your Macro's. This is done by looking at your age, gender, weight, rate of metabolism, activity level and goals. Taking these into consideration it will give you a Calorie intake that is split between Carbs, Fats and Proteins.

How I ate before!

I LOVE food. I love cooking, baking, eating, looking at pictures of food, it is a passion of mine that very much runs through my family. Therefore, I have never been one for diets, I don't like to restrict foods and I most definitely can not waste food. I love big family meals and time spent congregated in the kitchen. Most of the time I just ate fresh home cooked meals, we don't do a lot of processed food in my house, and I feel that I had a healthy relationship with food. I'd know when to not go overboard on too much chocolate, bread or pasta and that was really just because I would listen to my body, if it didn't feel good and I felt bloated, then I knew which foods to avoid or eat a little less of. However, then I would have days where I would eat a few chocolate buttons and think 'oh no, I've done it now, today's a bad day' and then I'd proceed to eat the whole tub of chocolate buttons and biscuits and cake. Like I mentioned above, I don't like the word 'diet' but when you have to put on sparkling spandex on the weekend you're mind tends to do that whole 'right I can't eat chocolate this week.' and then what does your mind want even more?... You guessed it chocolate. This lead me to being very up and down with food habits, weeks of balanced meals, pretty clean eating followed by weeks of eating everything in sight!

How I eat now!

Over the past 15 weeks I have been tracking my Macro's on the My Fitness Pal app. I don't pay attention to my weight and how much I will loose bit, as that's not why I'm doing it. I am able to scan foods I eat or type in the foods I eat and it will tell me how much Carbs, Fats and Protein is in my portion. You will have to weigh certain foods, eg, ground turkey, diced chicken. Sometimes I eyeball it and I try my absolute best to not get too obsessed with it. Of course if you are in training for a show or have a very specific goal in mind, then you can be stricter, but for me it's simply a guide. You see, now if I eat a few chocolate buttons, I simply type it into My Fitness Pal and see what they contain and how much they have eaten into my Carbs, Fats and Protein for the day and that way I can see how much of each I have left and can adjust my other meals and snacks to suit my chocolate cravings. In addition I feel it helps me to be more mindful as to how much food I am consuming, I love to eat and rarely get full so more often than not my portions could creep up without me realizing just how much I have consumed. Tracking my Macro's helps me to be sensible about this.

Why I love counting Macro's!

One of the biggest reasons I love it so much is that now I don't have 'bad days' and freak out so much when I eat a doughnut. I'm not saying I would freak out all the time but you know when you have those days were you're working really hard at the gym and then you want pizza? But you're brain has been programmed to thinking it's not healthy and it's a bad food. But you eat it and say it's a 'cheat meal' or a 'treat' but you can't help get down on yourself still because it's 'bad', does anyone else have those days? Well those days are long gone for me. Pizza and doughnuts aren't necessarily bad for you, in fact no food is a bad food, certain foods just have more Carbs, Fats and Proteins than others and our bodies need each in moderation. Furthermore, each body will be unique and need different amounts of these Macro's. These days I look forward to each meal and love that if I want a pizza I can check the Macro's in it and then plan my day accordingly. Yes I will have the odd day where I don't wish to count my Macro's and that is completely fine. In practicing thus far, those days are more controlled now and my mind is more aware of how to have 'treats' and fun without totally going overboard. :)

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Wishing everyone a wonderful and happy day!

Love Lucy xx

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