We scream for Ice Cream!

Halo Top Creamery!
You probably know this already, but for those of you that may not and might be new to the blog today, Kelly and I have huge sweet tooth's. We are most definitely chocoholic's and adore all kinds of desert. Recently we were lucky enough to receive a coupon for four free pints of Ice cream from Halo Top Creamery, thank you so much to the lovely people at Halo Top for this delightful treat, and we couldn't wait to dig in. Halo Top had been popping up on our Instagram feeds and just last week I was reading about it in Muscle and Fitness Her. It is a protein packed, vegetarian friendly, gluten free, with no artificial flavours, low calorie, low sugar ice cream, so needless to say I was intrigued. Eager to be able to tuck into a desert that was Macro friendly, I wondered how good this ice cream could possibly be. Did it sound too delicious to be real? 

Kelly and I ventured to Whole Foods and excitedly picked out four flavours: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Strawberry and Lemon Cake. We have to say that the packaging is incredibly cute and very much appealed to us both. It just looks so pretty. :) They also have Birthday Cake, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Mocha.
You can see our initial reactions to trying this ice cream for the first time over on our YouTube channel: Taste testing Halo Top. Honestly, it taste amazing. We couldn't resist having some fun though when it came to sharing it with you here on the blog. We wanted to experiment, and really when it comes to summer, who can resist an ice cream sandwich? Sticking with a healthier, protein option and to make this desert even more awesome, we used a Lenny and Larry's Pumpkin Protein cookie and added chocolate and vanilla bean Halo Top to the center, cheating clean and loving every bite! :) It seriously taste delicious. 

Naturally we had to try our hand at making a little sundae and testing the ice cream all together, because we have to admit, that it has been really hard deciding on which flavour to have when just picking one for an after dinner desert. Each of the ice creams are incredibly rich and creamy. There's no funny protein taste or a sense of eating something light, weird and healthy. They are just really, really good. I would happily chose this over any other ice cream and not feel like I'm missing out or being 'good'.  So thank you so much Halo Top for being so yummy. We will definitely be making a trip back to Whole Foods to try out your other flavours! :)

Find out more about Halo Top by visiting their website and also follow them on Twitter @HaloTopCreamery and Instagram 'halotopcreamery' for some scrumptious desert ideas and gorgeous pictures. :)

Have a happy day!
Love Lucy and Kelly 

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