We Get To!

A few years ago we met an inspiring lady by the name of Denise Taylor, when working with Ohio Valley Wrestling. This wonderful lady runs a program called 'Wacky Wednesday' where she visits hospitals and camps dressed up in a wacky outfit and gives out goofy gifts to the children to make them smile. We got to do this with her on a few occasions and it was truly a pleasure. Denise lives by the motto "We get to" after losing her daughter to cancer. Hearing her story and witnessing her outlook on life now, has never left us. Lately we have been feeling incredibly blessed and grateful for the lives we lead. We feel in a world run by social media and with so many heartbreaking things going on, it's never been more important to stop and say thank you for what we get to do each day. But it's not merely a case of feeling grateful, it's more than that. It's realizing that we get to do all these things, we really actually get to, no matter the stresses, the worries, every day dilemma's or troubles, no matter if it's a small thing or a big thing, we get to wake up and experience it all.
We get to...

Wake up in a cozy bed with clean sheets and a roof over our heads.

Make a delicious breakfast and indulge in a cup of coffee.

Go to a job that we may not love but where we are making money for our families, for our futures.

Work on our passions.


Walk, See, Hear the world around us.

Visit delicious food places.

Work on our dreams every day.

Voxer with our little sister.

Have dinner with our families.

Have a shower at the end of the day with clean running water.

Pick up the phone and hear our families voices.

Eat when we are hungry.

Kiss our husbands good morning and good night.

We get to... make a difference, be kind, be the change.

Make sure to visit Denise's website to learn more and see what you can do too!

Have a beautiful day and embrace all that you get to do, make it count.

Love Lucy and Kelly. xx

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