Tracking Macros. What I eat in a day!

A few weeks back I talked about Tracking Macros and how it has really helped me improve my eating habits and see a bigger difference on my journey towards my fitness goals. Today I thought I would share with you an example of what I eat in a day, in keeping with the Macro's set out for me. You may get some meal ideas or even find a new snack you might like to try, but please know that your Macro's will be different from mine and make sure you speak with a trainer or do your research in finding out what your body requires for your specific goals, don't think you have to eat like this.

My personal trainer is my brother Chris Knott and he is awesome. He listens to my ramblings and always makes sure I understand what he is telling me. He is incredibly detailed in the programs he sets out for me, in addition to being extremely motivating, believing in my goals and sharing the same mindset when it comes to food and balance. You won't hear him use the term 'diet', did I mention he is awesome? :)

At around 124lbs, 5ft 3, training 5-6 times a week, my Macro's are:
Training days
Carbs: 148.8g
Fats: 49.6g

Note: My Macro's change for non training days and during that girly time of the month!

Meal one:
1 Thomas English Muffin, the double protein oats and cinnamon kind with 1/3 cup liquid egg whites scrambled and 1/4 cup of reduced fat shredded cheese and about 1/2 tablespoon of light butter. (I give the pan a light spray of canola oil too.)
C 27 /F 7/ P 23

Meal Two:
More often than not I like to get to the gym in the morning after breakfast, I will then come home and have a Protein Shake, however, if I work in the morning I usually take a protein bar with me to have on break. I have really been enjoying the Quest Nutrition bars lately, the Smore's is my favourite so far.
C 23 /F 8 /P 20

Meal Three
1/2 cup of diced sweet potato, 1 Swai fillet with 1/2 cup of Bok Choy. Apparently I have an intolerance to sweet potato so I haven't eaten them in a good while but today I was craving something different for my carbs and really fancied some, so I had some! :p
C 20 /F 1.5 /P 17

Meal Four
2 Quaker caramel rice cakes with 1 tbsp. of natural peanut butter. I like to nibble and always have food on the brain, so I have been a lot more conscious of stocking up with more 'healthy' snacks. This was a bit of a different snack for me, I will usually have a light and fit Greek yoghurt but today I wanted something crunchy.
C 26 /F 7.5 /P 5.5

Meal Five
1 Chicken breast diced with 6 cherry tomato's and a handful of blueberries, a little less than 1/2 cup. I fancied something a little more meaty for a snack and have really been enjoying cooking chicken like this. I put a drop of olive oil in the pan and just let it cook, stirring as it does so.
C 16.4 /F 1.9 /P 21.5

Meal Six
Low carb tortilla with 4oz chicken breast, 2tbsp salsa and a 1/4 cup of cheese. I'm a huge fan of burritos and taco's and am super lucky that my husband makes them so delicious. Over time we have learnt to make them a little more Macro friendly.
C 13 /F 4.5 /P 28

Macro total for the day: C 129 / F 30.4 / P 115
I felt this day was a great day for me, as though my Macro's weren't spot on, I was happy with the foods I ate, it was a nice mix of fresh veg and meats, nutritious produce, a good amount of fiber and I hit my protein. I do like my protein shakes and bars but I will always prefer eating real, fresh, clean foods. Ooh and I added 4 carbs for the sugar I have in my coffee. I am down to half a teaspoon now and had two cups, working on having no sugar but I just love my coffee! :)

I am thoroughly enjoying the learning process as to what works for me and my body. My body seems to be responding well aiming for these Macro's, but at the moment my brother and I are just trying to use this as a guideline to see how my body progresses over the next few weeks before seeing if we need to make any changes. I also think I am really going to try and be stricter in a few weeks time, when I start a new program Chris has set for me, in order to push a bit harder for some goals I am trying to reach. Stay tuned! :)

What are some of your favourite macro friendly meals? Do you like to meal prep?

Have a lovely day!
Love Lucy xxx


  1. All this yummy food has me hungry now! You can never go wrong with a good burrito. I think it's awesome to count your macros and really pay attention to what you're eating. It makes such a difference! I really need to try some Quest bars :)
    Steph x.

    1. Aww Steph, I love tacos and burritos and love trying out different recipes, Chris is awesome at making them! :) Can you get Quest bars in New Zealand? xx