The Value of flying the nest!

The Grand Canyon!

You often hear Lucy and I talk about how much we miss home. Home being Stockport England. We moved to America, a good few years ago now, when pursuing our wrestling dreams, and then once we got married, it became our home base. We are currently settled in Clearwater Florida and have been since March of this year. Florida is beautiful but we're not going to lie, there isn't a day that goes by where we don't think about our family back home and miss them like crazy. With that being said however, today we thought we would share with you some of the reasons why flying the nest, even if just for a little while, can be a good thing.

1) You meet new and interesting people with different life experiences.
When we are around "our" people, like our family and friends, we can get caught up in the same way of thinking as them. We are so used to our daily conversations and thoughts, that we either just accept that that's the only way of thinking or behaving, or we feel stressed out that even if we did think a different way, we wouldn't be able to express it to them. Getting away for a while can open new doors, encourage new conversations and lead you to discover other ways of thinking and living. All of the friends we made in Kentucky seven years ago had come from all walks of life and different backgrounds, so each of them had unique life experiences to share and unique lessons to teach us.

2) You get to see how other people live.
Similar to above, by meeting new people, you get to see how they live, how they function and what makes them tick. It can open your mind, as well as put things into perspective for you. Helping you to become a more well rounded person. Whether it's seeing how people enjoy life and can be happy with less money or more money, big family backgrounds or small family backgrounds, school experience, University experience, or talking to people who love their jobs and enjoy life to the fullest because of it. It can be an inspiring journey just seeing the world and how we all survive and thrive differently.

3) You gain knowledge of different cultures.
This is one of the beautiful things about life. The fact that while home is home and we believe that Dorothy was right. Experiencing different cultures is an amazing part of life. We are all human, we are all wonderful in our own ways. Our cultures shouldn't separate us, rather they should fascinate and inspire us. We should want to gain knowledge of different cultures, to travel and experience them first hand.Their foods, their beliefs, their clothes. It shouldn't be something we fear or look down on. As long as we treat all humans with respect, we should learn about and love each other for our differences. The older we get the more we learn about and adore Italian culture, for obvious reasons. But it's so exciting to us discovering more about where our family came from, what foods are popular in different regions of Italy, how to pronounce the language properly, the history of the towns and places. It's amazing. Knowledge is power.

4) You are stepping outside your comfort zone.
This is a big deal. This is something we all fear but must try each day to do. Trust us, it ain't easy but it's worth it. If you knew us back in 2009, you would probably never have thought we would have been able to train at OVW, let alone with Rip Rogers for a week. He was terrifying to us. Here was a man who was going to take no crap and push us to our absolute limits. We were going to have to cut promos in front of the whole class, do wrestling drills with guys three or four times our size and put our blood sweat and tears into everything we did. If that wasn't out of our comfort zone we don't know what is! Not only did we do that, that week. A year later we came back and did it twice a week for 2 and a half years. We lived in America and gained so much knowledge. Each class with Rip not only taught us more about wrestling but also more about ourselves. We were 4000 miles away from home doing things that scared us everyday but that's just it, we found out we could do them. This was a bit of a rambly example but going on a trip that might scare you, or moving out for the first time, or travelling the world like you've dreamed off, may just teach you more about yourself than you could ever imagine.

5) It makes you appreciate where you came from.
This might just be the biggest and most important, in our opinion. We've said before that when we first moved to the States everything was so much bigger and shinier than our little hometown of Stockport. We couldn't wait to get back to America every time we had to go home. Then after few years, and when we actually started settling here more, the fun kind of wore off a little. All of a sudden things like health care, bills, beliefs and American culture hit us a little harder and we started to miss that little town we were once so quick to leave. Now, we know every country will have it's bad points, so that's not a knock on America, but being here really made us appreciate the things we often took for granted in the UK. For example, people back home can complain about the NHS and yes while we know it's not perfect, try living somewhere, where it costs $80 just to go and see the doctor. It's a big culture shock and one of the many things that have made us realize just how awesome the place we come from really is. Sometimes you just need to step away from a place to really fully appreciate it's beauty and what it has to offer. While we love America, Stockport, British summers, Tesco, walking to the corner shop, our local chippy and Ant and Dec, often call our names. :)

Do you enjoy travelling? What have you learnt a long the way?
Have a wonderful day!

Love Kelly xx

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