Simple things we get ridiculously excited about!

Do you ever have moments where you get ridiculously excited over something and then realize that it is something so small that you can't help but laugh at yourself? Those moments where the tiniest, sometimes goofiest, thing will make you jump for joy or squeal with delight? We have them all the time. So today we have compiled a list of the small things that can make us as happy as can be.
When Harry Potter is playing on the regular TV channels. (Even though you can watch it whenever you want on Sky, have all the DVDs and have seen every movie 50 times! :p )

That first sip of coffee in the morning.

Making a purchase and finding that the item is further reduced when you get to the till.

When you think you've finished your coffee but there's still a few more sips to go.

When you're baking cupcakes and they all come out perfectly domed.

Putting away the laundry and finding that you have matched every pair of socks.

Your parents being impressed with something you wrote, so much so, that they ring you up just to tell you.

When you have all the ingredients in the house that you need to cook/bake.

Washing all the makeup off your face after a long day.
When you get a 7th Jaffa Cake in your tub of 6 mini Jaffa Cakes. 

What "little things" make you ridiculously happy or excited?

Have a wonderful day!
Lucy and Kelly


  1. Every single one of those makes me so happy! Especially when you still have coffee left :) I also love finding the book I've been looking for at my local bookstore. Or when One Direction comes on the radio! Great post girls!
    Steph x.

  2. Ooh I like the One Direction one Steph!! I agree with you there! :) In fact I agree with everything! Finding books you love is amazing!!
    Kelly xx