Must See/Must eat: Funky Sweets.

Be prepared for total foodie heaven, for today's post we are taking you inside Funky Sweets, a 70's themed disco doughnut shop, in St Pete. We apologize in advance, as these pictures may have you craving all sorts of deep fried goodness. We were practically drooling over our laptops when we came across Funky Sweets on Instagram, their sprinkled covered funnel cakes and doughnut sundaes most definitely caught our eyes and we new it was a place we had to check out.

Stepping inside we received a friendly greeting from owner's Spencer and Erica and lovely member of staff, and decorating, diva Nishi. Right off the bat it felt relaxed, fun and welcoming. The 70's décor sets this place apart and gives it such a cool vibe, it's like no doughnut shop or café we have ever been to before and we loved it. They had plenty of seating space, cozy couches and 70's music playing, in addition to TV screens playing 70's music videos. It felt like the perfect space to chill and hang out while tucking into delicious treats. We also have to mention that they are super cool and allow first time customers to try a sample of their doughnuts and an ice cream flavor so they can better choose what they would like to dig into! :)

You know what Kelly and I are like when it comes to dreaming big and going after what you want in life, we believe in it 100 percent and encourage everyone to follow their hearts, well these guys are doing just that. They had an idea and went for it. We loved their passion and the fact that their simple goal is to make people happy through fresh and delicious food. They don't pre make stuff and have it sitting in the back, they make everything fresh when you order it, so you get to eat it piping hot...and we are all about that life! :p

Ahh so much happiness in one picture!! These are samples of some of their funnel cake options. You have regular funnel cake, red velvet funnel cake, stacked funnel cakes filled with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, you have funnel cake with Working Cow ice cream of your choosing on top, you have cherry preserve funnel cakes, you can literally have any funnel cake your heart desires...and boy are they tasty!! :) We devoured the red velvet funnel cake within minutes and it was amazing. It goes without saying that being able to eat it hot and fresh was beyond incredible. It truly does melt in your mouth. Having the whipped cream melt into the cake and all the flavours becoming one was pretty much heaven and the Working Cow ice cream is to die for! :) 

As if the funnel cakes weren't delicious enough, we couldn't resist trying their deep fried Oreos, because, well, hello did someone say 'deep fried Oreos?' :p Now, they don't just do the regular doughnut batter Oreo's, no, they also have the option of a Red Velvet deep fried Oreo, yes you read that right. These were piping hot when we tried them and divine they absolutely were.

This place is an absolute must. The atmosphere and the people are as awesome as can be and the food is wonderful. Like we mentioned above, you just can't beat passion and freshness and great quality treats. Ooh and if we haven't tempted you enough yet, they also do Doughnut Sundaes, these are not pictured, as we all demolished them with minutes, what can we say? Mini doughnuts topped with powdered sugar and ice cream...we are ready to go back for seconds! :)

Be sure to visit Funky Sweet Instagram @FUNKY_SWEETS_STPETE & check out their website FunkySweets.Love They also have an awesome Facebook page, find them and give them a LIKE at Funky Sweets! :)

Which funnel cake would you most like to try?

Have a lovely day!

Lucy and Kelly xx

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