An Interview with author Portia McIntosh!

When I first saw Carina UK advertising "Truth or Date," Portia MacIntosh's latest book, I just knew I had to read it. I won't ramble though, as you can read much more of my ramblings about it in my book review. However, long story short, I adored the book and the way Portia writes, plus I drooled over the cover...yes it's a bookworm me.
The same way I knew I had to read her book, I knew I had to have an interview with her, why? Because Portia is hilarious. It's easy to see the link to her and her writing just by these questions alone! Her humour is right up my alley and her answers to my questions had me in stitches. I hope you have a laugh reading it and then grab yourself a copy of her books for even more laughter and fun! :) Enjoy!

1) Firstly, your most recent book "Truth or Date" is out now. It's hilarious and just tons of fun to read. Where did your inspiration come from for the story?

Thank you! A couple of years ago, after splitting from my then boyfriend, a friend of mine convinced me that you didn’t go out and meet people anymore, that you used dating apps instead. So I downloaded a couple of the usual suspects, expecting them to be totally awful and it turns out I was wrong – they were even worse than awful. Just horrendous! My first date was an absolute nightmare and then any after that were, at best, really boring or, the worst case, the kind of date where you keep a tight grip on your rape alarm until you can find an excuse to leave. After a year playing the dating game I realised that although I hadn’t found a boyfriend, I had acquired a lot of stories. I wanted a way to work them into a novel, and Truth or Date seemed like the perfect way to use them.

2) Ruby Wood the main character in "Truth or Date" has a terrible time on dates and finding the right guy. What has been your worst dating experience?

Well, I’ve had a lot of nightmare dates and it’s always been because I’ve found the weirdest men…except once. One time, it was absolutely my fault –so that’s probably my worst dating experience ever. I had a first date planned for a Friday night but the night before I got a message from a guy I’d met the week before asking me if I wanted to go for a drink…and I said yes. I thought it would be OK, until I bumped into my Friday date on the way to the bar and he invited himself along for a drink with me and my ‘friend’. So I’m sitting in a bar with two men who are near-literally fighting for my affections, thinking things couldn’t possibly get any more awkward when my most recent ex walks in. I would have been more than happy for this ex to catch me on a date – date, as in with one person – but not with two dates at once. I did what any mature young woman would do…I hid behind a pillar until he left.

3) What is your favourite thing about being a writer and having your stories published?

That’s a really tough question, because there is just too much to love about it. It’s tricky with the pen name, but I’ve been going to a lot more author events, and having people tell me to my face that they love my books is just…unimaginable. I’m having to work on my reaction face, because I want to be cool and sophisticated, but the praise makes me so happy, I just want to lick the face of every person who says nice things to me.

4) Choosing one favourite book can be tricky, so what would you say your favourite book that you have read recently is? If you do have a favourite book though, please share! :)

I do actually have a favourite book, and it is not at all what you’d expect given what I write. I think The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath is just incredible. I think all young women should be made to read it while they’re growing up, because it’s just full of important lessons about life and happiness, and being your own person.

5) You used to tour with bands as a music journalist, which we find very cool. What was the best thing about life on the road?

To an extent, every day was similar in that it would follow the same pattern: drive to the venue on the tour bus, explore the city, watch the gig, go out and party and then back to the bus, ready to set off in the morning. However, the thing I loved the most is that, despite the routine being the same, no two days were alike. I was seeing so many different cities, meeting more people than I could remember the names of, and just getting to enjoy an adventure with my friends. I wouldn’t change a moment of it.

6) Which bands from those journalist days would you encourage us to listen to?

Oh, gosh, I do hate to name drop… I don’t really, but I don’t want to blow my anonymity haha. What I will say, is that punk rock is always going to be awesome.

7) Where is your most memorable travel destination?

I went of the fastest tour of Europe imaginable – 5 countries over 3 days. It was so fast paced, but I got to sample a little bit of everywhere. On one of the days, each meal I ate was in a different country, it was strange, but fun.

8) We love that you write about very real life stuff, but turn those awkward situations we all have into funny stories that help us laugh them off. We have so many of them it's untrue! In your opinion what situation do you think we as women all worry about doing or get embarrassed about the most, that we should really just embrace, smile and move on? 

This is why I loved writing about the dating game – because it’s just such a nightmare, and we’re all so bad at it haha. If there’s one thing we chicks are good at, it’s making a fool of ourselves over a boy. For some reason, when we like someone, we lose all of our charm and grace. We become these clumsy, drunk-dialling, needy/standoff-ish nightmares whose words catch in our mouths, whose tights just ladder for no reason the second we turn up for a date. Somehow the wrong thing to do always seems like the right thing to do and we just make such a mess of things. Sometimes things work out too, but usually because we find a boy who finds all of the above charming haha.

9) We read over on your website, that you love telling tales. Can you share with us the most elaborate tale you told as a child?

Ooh, that’s a good question – there are too many stories to choose from. I was constantly getting myself into scrapes and then trying to get out of them by telling porkies. As a six-year-old, I successfully convinced the surgeon about to operate on me that I was not the child whose chart he had in his hands. I actually gave him a fake name, and for the few seconds he believed me, I felt like an absolute badass. I’m sure he was delighted to knock me unconscious by the time my op came around.

10) Best piece of advice you have or have received on getting through and enjoying life as an "adult human?"

Don’t ever become dependant on anyone for anything, and not only financially, what’s worse is to become dependant on someone for happiness. Sure, it’s nice to have a significant other – a partner in crime who always has your back – but you have to be with them for the right reasons, and you have to be happy in all other areas of your life too. If you put all of your happiness eggs in one person’s basket, you’re giving them too much power – what if they suddenly betray you, or just don’t want to be with you anymore? You take them out of the equation, you take your happiness out of the equation, and you can’t live like that. Don’t ever give one person too much power over your life. Geez, that was a bit deep and dark, wasn’t it? As a follow-up, lighter piece of advice, erm, keep a spoon in your make-up bag for neatly winging your eyeliner and protecting your lids from mascara.

If you loved this interview, you will love Portia's books! Find them all here!

Have a great day! 
Love Kelly xx

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