About My Home Town in Italy. By Paola Pica.


Paola Pica is the author of  'Errors of Evaluation' A book we will be reviewing tomorrow, so be sure to head back here then to read more. Her book has been translated from Italian, so naturally we were very keen to read it and to also find out more about the author. So for today, Paola kindly sent us this post about her hometown, which we were very excited to read. We got to learn all about a town we had never heard of in Italy and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. As you know, Italy has our hearts, so we love that we have Paola on our blog today and hope you enjoy this guest post.

After living for a very long time in Rome, about ten years ago I moved to Rocca Priora, a very small town in the Province of Rome, in the Region of Lazio. I actually live in Rocca Priora’s countryside but I often go there. The countryside here is simply gorgeous, spread on several hills and meadows scattered with horses and cattle and where some horse riding centers (one belongs to the National Horse Sports Federation) are located. When I moved here I was seeking peace and silence for my writing; which I found and enjoy every day, after having commuted between here and Rome.

Rocca Priora is one of the Castelli Romani; that is, one of several small towns scattered on Rome territory, each of which has a Castle where Families usually linked with Popes used to live in the old times. It is at about 30 Kms from Rome, on a 768m high hill. As it is much higher than Rome, it often snows here in Winter and the landscape changes completely, from very green to white, but keeps the magical atmosphere that I find so suitable for my creative activity. Rocca priora occupies the area of the old Latins’ town of Corbium where, according to various historians, several battles were fought by Italic peoples.

Image from vitaincamper.it

In the 14th century the Savelli Family rose to prominence in the area, after Pope Sixtus V had endorsed Rocca priora as a feudal possession for them. They held the town and the Castle until the 17th century, apart from two short periods when they went to Cesare Borgia. According to some sources, the town was destroyed when it was involved in the conflicts related to the Sack of Rome. The Rospigliosi Family, who bought the town from the Papal rule, held it until 1870, when Rocca Priora became a part of the newly formed Kingdom of Italy.

The best looking part of this small town is the oldest and highest one, from where a breathtaking view over Rome and a large part of Castelli Romani can be taken. All is green and yellow (because of a lot of broom) in Spring-early Summer, green again with some golden yellow in Summer, very green from all the pine and fir trees in Autumn and in Winter, until suddenly, one morning, I wake up to a completely white landscape, cloaked in snow and completely silent.

Image from mapio.net

I don’t think that all the monuments in Rome could make me feel happier than I feel here in this territory which has adopted me.


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  1. Oh wow! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place! Great post!

    Ella xx

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post, thank you for reading. We agree, Paola does live in a gorgeous place! Another part of Italy we need to add to our list. :) Kelly xx