You are not alone!

Don't you just love those moments when you find that perfect meme or GIF that fits your current mood or an awkward situation you just experienced down to a tee? Isn't it incredibly satisfying to know that someone, somewhere has had the exact same thought or experience as you? All of a sudden you don't feel so silly but most importantly you don't feel so alone. That's the biggest thing really isn't it? It's so easy to think that when we do something wrong or are having a bad day or even a good day, that we are on our own, that no one anywhere has ever gone through what we are going through, so clearly we must be the most unorganized, goofy, stupid, person on the planet ever. Then we pick up our phones or fire up our computers and just on the off chance put a few keywords into google or Pinterest and all of a sudden, a grumpy cat knows exactly how we feel when dealing with customers at work, or a bunch of other girls have realized the absolute fact that Dementors are like periods. It's amazing! Just by knowing that someone else out there has created this meme or GIF, you suddenly don't feel so sad anymore.
I often wish, as I find these pictures, that people would use these as prime examples that we as humans aren't so different from each other after all. Yes we all have our own unique qualities, but when it comes down to the basics, a lot of us will laugh, smile and cry at the same things. I wish these moments of togetherness that we create, when we all made a grumpy cat famous, would help us to stop all the hate, anger, bullying, fighting, war, discrimination and whatever other negative things us humans like to create to divide us. 
This was going to be a post listing a few funny things that I have been jotting down recently, that I find myself doing and feeling silly for, until I realized a lot of people do them too. Things like rushing in the airport and trying to grab every tray you think you need in two seconds when going through security, because for some reason we all think that the people behind us who have been in line just as long, can't wait a few more seconds for you to get your stuff together properly. Or when you go through immigration and feel like you are a wanted felon even though you know you have done nothing wrong. Or having to check your phone in the cinema when the switch your phone off advert comes on, even though you know you have already put it on silent AND have already checked it twice. Or being paranoid every time you use a public restroom that someone is going to walk in on you because you just can't trust the locks in these toilets. Or waiting till the absolute last minute to put pants on to go to this last one actually just me? I mean really, why wear jeans any longer than I have to! :p 
As you can see, I had a few things I wanted to share but as I started writing, I realized that in this era of social media, deep down we already know that there are people out there who think like us and are going through the same things as us, one only has to look on Pinterest, Instagram or sites like The Chive and The Berry to know that. So in the end, I really just wanted to conclude that we should use this information to treat people a little kinder, to be more patient, to show compassion and share more love. For we are all just trying our best in the big wide world and in the end how can we expect these kind of things off other people, if we aren't giving them out ourselves?? 

I'd love if you would share your favourite meme or GIF with me in the comments below! :)

Have a wonderful day.
Love Kelly


  1. I do all of those things, especially feeling like a wanted felon when standing in line at immigration. Although I have been pulled aside four times and questioned by immigration (including Heathrow) so that may make me a tad paranoid and neurotic. Lol.

    My favorite Gif is Diane Keaton sitting at her computer crying, from Something's Gotta Give. Even though it's a movie, if I'm having a bad day writing it makes me feel better to think that other writers often share my frustration over a bad writing day or when a book isn't coming together. I don't feel so alone in my office writing with my cats. :-)

    1. We have had that same thing happen to us in immigration too, thankfully just the once!!
      We know exactly which GIF you mean, we love that movie. :) It's nice to just feel like someone else out there gets what you're going through too!