Things i've learnt on my fitness journey.

I have to admit that at the beginning of this year when I was determined to change my routine and really focus on the gym, it was because I longed to finally have a good set of abs and for my butt to perk up a bit. I didn't dislike my body but there were things I wanted to change and see if I could achieve. After 13 weeks of hitting the gym 5-6 times a week and being happy with my progress, I wanted to share some thoughts/change of thoughts I've had, and things I've learnt, a long the way.

When it comes to staying consistent positivity and living in the moment is key.
Over the years I felt like I had built a negative mindset and thought I could never have awesome quads or a bum that was a little more round. This negativity and worry lead to me being inconsistent. A few months here, a few months there, with an "I'll go tomorrow" kind of attitude that seemed to seep in every now and again. Nowadays, I look forward to working out. The minute I think about the gym, I try and go and get my workout in, without overthinking it or letting excuses catch me off guard. When I can't do that though, I like to go through my workout for the day in my head, I mentally prepare and get myself excited to go and workout. Oh the powers of the mind. In addition, those previous down days about looking a certain way, and that negativity would lead my mind to think "What's the point?" For that I believe it's so important to enjoy what you are doing and not think too much about the end result. Things take time and you need to have patience.

Enjoy the process and love your body every step of the way.
I started out with an idea in my head of what I wanted to look like and I felt like I ingrained that into my brain. This could sometimes be a negative, as touched on above. But as the weeks are progressing I honestly feel like those images have faded. While, yes I love good Ab days or noticing that my bum is getting slightly more pert, I feel it's the feeling of being strong and healthy that has been giving me all the confidence in the world lately. Seeing what my body is capable of doing has given me a whole new appreciation and love for it. While working out won't get rid of my stretch marks or give me bigger boobs (quite the opposite :p ) it makes me thankful for all that my body can do. It really is the most amazing tool. I get excited about adding more weights or jumping higher on my box squats or simply going longer on the stairmaster. In a way, I realize that there isn't really an end result for me, yes I would love to have really killer quad muscles, but my goal now is to stay consistent and keep enjoying what I'm doing. :)

Believe in yourself, change your mindset, change your life.
I don't know why but this quote has made me teary a few times over the past few weeks. You see, I'm not always the most confident person, I overthink, I worry, I get down on myself a whole lot, not only would I do all this in life but I would often be like this in the gym. I'd wonder if I fitted in, if I looked good enough or I'd feel stupid if I couldn't squat heavier and so on. With my family, I'd feel bad thinking that I'm constantly obsessing over the gym and talking about it non stop to everyone and I felt like maybe I should stop. Maybe I should listen to all these doubts. Then I remembered this quote and my brain clicked. I've had too many doubts in the past that have caused me to not fully go after what I wanted in life and that includes the gym, this time I have no intention of quitting. The funny thing is, I think it's the gym that has helped with this mindset too. It's not only made me physically stronger but mentally too. You can't squat heavy if you don't believe in yourself. If you load those plates on the bar, you better believe you are coming back up or it's going to hurt. This has had such an impact in my every day life lately when it comes to pushing past things I'm scared of and just going for it! :)

Wishing you an awesome, kick ass day!
Love Lucy xx

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