The Truth in Fiction: Guest post by Sophie Pembroke!

Sophie Pembroke's new book "The Last Days of Summer" is out now. You can read my review here! It brings up the very interesting topic of Truth in Fiction. Something if I'm honest, I have always wondered about when reading stories. I can't help thinking about what parts of the story have happened to the author or what characteristics in certain characters come from the author themselves or their friends and family. So today's post is very cool to me because here is Sophie Pembroke explaining just which parts of "The Last Days of Summer" are her truths in her fiction! :)

The Truth in Fiction (or, The Last Days of Summer Drinking Game)

Whenever I write a new book, some small references to my life inevitably creep in. They’re like tiny in jokes that no one but me will ever get.  But The Last Days of Summer definitely has more than most – which, as one of the major themes of the book is Truth in Fiction, seems very appropriate. 
So, here’s a crib sheet of the truth in my fiction. Think of it was The Last Days of Summer Bingo.  Or a drinking game – one drink every time you spot one of these in the book. Nathanial would approve.

1. Caro’s interest in the paranormal: This one is totally me. As a child, I was fascinated by the weird and the unexplained, and read everything I could get my hands on about them.

2. Tony’s cooking: This one is my dad. Dad is a fantastic cook, and I always love going home and being cooked for (and putting on several pounds in the process).  The Chicken Provencal Tony makes for Saskia’s first night home was one of my favourite of my dad’s dishes, around the time I first had the idea for the story.

3. The birthday story books Nathanial made for Saskia: Me again. When my youngest brother turned 1, I was 10, and I made him a story book called ‘Spike’s First Birthday.’ (Spike was Mike’s nickname for the first year or two, mostly because he was such a prickly baby!) I think it might have been the first book I ever wrote.

4. The Golden Wedding itself: My grandparents lived long enough to celebrate both their Golden and Diamond wedding anniversaries – both with a huge party for friends and family. In fairness, most things in my family are celebrated with a huge party. But their Golden Wedding particularly stuck with me – it was a glorious sunny day, everyone was together, we had singing and guitars in the garden, and it was perfect. 

5. The Treehouse in the woods: When I was about seven or eight, we lived in a house that backed directly onto the woods. Much like Caro, I was quite convinced that the woods was home to fairies and sprites and all sorts of other magical creatures. My father however, much like Nathaniel, felt that the treehouse that sat in a thick, old tree right at the bottom of our garden, was the perfect hideaway for when the family were getting a little much. One day, when we couldn’t seem to find him anywhere, we suddenly found a clue when we saw the pipe smoke rising from the treehouse…
The Last Days of Summer is out now from Carina UK.
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