Passport to Paris with Rebecca Raisin.

We absolutely adore Rebecca Raisin here on this blog. She is the wonderful author of some of our favourite books, such as, 'The Gingerbread Café series', 'The Little Bookshop on the Corner' and 'The Little Bookshop on the Seine.' We are currently reading her latest book 'The Little Antique Shop under the Eiffel Tower', out on June 30th, and couldn't be more thrilled to have her on our blog today with a special guest post. Be sure to check out our previous interviews with Rebecca here and here, to learn more about this lovely lady, but for now it's time to hand you over to Rebecca as she takes you on a trip to Paris in today's guest post!

We’ve all heard of the main tourist spots in and around Paris, there’s the magnificent Eiffel Tower to ogle, and the impressive Notre Dame with its Gargoyles peering down like sentinels, but when I was researching The Little Paris Collection I knew I had to find some hidden gems. Those little finds off the beaten track, or sometimes hiding in plain sight…

Grab your passport, and let’s get going to Paris for a week in the most romantic city in the world!

Head to Promanade Plantée, which was once a 19th century railway viaduct to give you a really unique view of the city. It begins on the east side of the Bastille and is a beautiful stroll in the soft summer sunshine.

After all that walking we need some sustenance in the form of …sugar. Off to Gérard Mulot Patisserie on the Rue de Seine. It may take a while to narrow down with so many artisan treats on offer, but don’t worry they all look like artwork on a plate!

After treating ourselves to one or two sweet treats it’s time to move once more. Along the bank of the Seine we come to the tiniest shops in Paris, the Bouquinistes. These merchants sell antiquarian novels and reproductions of vintage posters. So give in and purchase a book, whenever you sniff it, you’ll be transported back to Paris no matter how far away you might be.

Now we’re in the book buying mood head to the famous Shakespeare and Co on the Rue de la Bûcherie… This hallowed place is every bibliophiles dream. Explore the labyrinth-like bookshop (don’t forget to head upstairs), and dream of where these books might take you. Don’t forget to buy a Shakespeare and Co book bag to ensure you bring the magic of Paris home with you!

It is time to visit Montmartre as no trip to Paris could be complete with seeing the sprawling city from this vista and marveling at the size of the Eiffel Tower as it towers over Paris. Just a few steps away you’ll find a whole world of wonder, there’s the Artists Square, where perhaps you’ll get your portrait sketched? The wall of I Love You’s, is around the corner, but don’t miss the oldest vineyards in Paris, Clos Montmartre. Vineyards once covered most of Montmartre but now this is all that remains and what a beautiful sight these creeping vines make, non?

We do need to keep hydrated after all this sightseeing, so join me at the newly reopened Ritz Paris for high tea in Salon Proust, named after the enigmatic writer. Sip fragrant tea and crunch on some of Paris’s finest Madeleines in truly sumptuous surroundings, because everyone needs to visit the Ritz once in their lives!

Replenished once more, with energy to burn, why not learn to make one of France’s most famous treats, the macaron. Accompany me to la Cusine Paris for a two hour cooking class where we’ll learn the secrets to one of the most sought after recipes in the world. And eat them afterwards…

But what about gifts? you ask. How remiss of me. The best gifts in Paris are those with a history, a story of their own – antiques. We shall visit St-Ouen flea market a huge market filled with every possible treasure you can imagine, and even some you can’t. I hope you’re wearing comfortable shoes, because this kind of shopping can’t be rushed.

The last sight you must see isn’t to be missed, because as night comes, it is time to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle under the moonlight…

Next time there is still so much to do; we can attend a beekeeping class in the Luxembourg gardens, go to Pére Lachaise and visit with the ghosts of the greats, or sniff some of the best bouquets in all of Paris at a hidden little flower shop down the cobblestoned laneway.

Check out The Little Paris Collection for more secret places to see in Paris!

Thank you so so much to Rebecca for this fantastic guest post! Paris sounds incredible the way in which you describe it, we can't to head back there one day and stop by all the places you suggested. :)

Wishing you all an awesome day and don't forget June 30th, you are going to LOVE 'The Little Antique Shop Under the Eiffel Tower! :)

Love Lucy and Kelly xx




  1. Ahhhh this post makes me miss Paris so much! It's so true that there are SO many hidden gems around this city, it's not all just about the eiffel tower! You just need to get ya trainers on a get exploring!

    Katie xx ¦ La Coco Noire

  2. We went a long time ago so now we are eager to visit all these places. Rebecca's books are like a dream and she gets you swept away in the Romance of the city! Now we just have to plan a trip! :)