Me Before You: Movie Review!

One of the things I love about having our own blog is getting to chat about things that make me happy. On Friday night, while I sat in the movie theater watching a book I fell in love with four years ago come to life, I was nothing short of elated. 
"Me before you" was written by British author Jojo Moyes and is a story about love, life and making every day count. I won't go into too much detail, as I want to talk about the movie, but if you haven't read the book, you most definitely should. I have said it plenty of times on twitter but this book really did change my life. Four years ago when I was home for a year, I picked it up in Tesco, along with a Freya North novel, and I haven't stopped reading since. I have always loved books but this opened up a whole new world in my adulthood of what books can really do. They are extremely powerful tools full of adventure, roller coaster rides and are sources of inspiration, love and passion. Had I not been in the process of following my dreams of becoming a professional wrestler, whilst also getting a visa to allow me to get married in the states, this story actually made me want to move to Maryland to work with quadriplegics like Will. Maybe one day I will actually do something like that, as it is still something I  feel very passionate about.    
So after a year of waiting to see this wonderful book appear on the big screen, on Friday June 3rd, I was finally there, right in the middle of the movie theater waiting for the movie to begin. Perfect seats might I add, I knew my need to always arrive super early for these kind of things would come in handy one day.  After months of seeing the trailers for "Me before you" and religiously keeping up to date with Sam Clafin's 50 Instagram pictures leading up to the movie release, and getting goosebumps every time, I wasn't even interested in seeing the coming soon trailers, which is usually one of my favourite parts of the cinema experience, I just wanted the movie to start.
Ladies and gentlemen, it did not disappoint, not even one teeny tiny little bit. It was just perfect. One thing I felt helped me relax about the book to movie adaptation with "Me Before You," was the fact that Jojo Moyes actually wrote the screenplay. So I knew that whatever was said or done in the movie would be 100% true to the story and characters, after all, she of course would know better than anyone. 
The actors were fantastic, I honestly felt every emotion and just found myself immersed in to what was playing out in front of me. Emilia Clarke was wonderful, when Lou laughed and smiled, I laughed and smiled, when she was sad, I got teary and when she was heartbroken, I felt it too. As for Sam Claflin, he completely stole my heart, there couldn't have been a more perfect Will. Like I said before, I had been keeping up to date with his 50 pictures on Instagram leading up to the release of "Me Before You" and with each one you could just feel his passion and love for this project. I knew it would come across on screen, so he actually made me extra excited to see this movie, if that was even possible, but just knowing he loved the story as much as I did made it special. He was flawless, just amazing as Will, he made the character so raw, so real and just got it. This is actually the first role I have seen him in, I will definitely be keeping my eye on his other work as he is incredibly talented. As well as Sam and Emilia, the rest of the cast were great too, Nathan, Lou's family, I loved her sister Treena, Will's Mum and Dad, everyone played their role perfectly.
The movie as a whole managed to wrap you in a warm hug just like one of your favourite books does. That made it so lovely to me, like it packed all the bookworm feelings into a movie. Book lovers out there will hopefully understand what I mean. It wasn't just a movie I was watching, it was so much more. The fact that it was British too, made it homely and comforting to me. The settings, the dialogue, the family life, it all just made me happy, especially since I was watching it in America. I enjoyed that it was funny too. Being in the cinema and hearing everyone laugh at the same moments has a certain magic to it and there were a lot of those moments in "Me Before You." The story has a lot of everything, romance, humour, inspiration, sadness and I could tell when every person in the cinema felt those emotions. It was a wonderful experience.

It's a heartwarming and heartbreaking story and whether you read it through the pages of a book or watch it on the big screen it will really make you think. Always be thankful for what you have and are able to do and always think about how you can help others or be there for others who don't have or can't do the same. If you can make someone happy, do it! :)

In the words of Will Traynor...
Have a wonderful Monday and let me know if you've read the book or seen the movie and what you think?

Love Kelly 



  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh man you#ve got me so excited to see this now! I read the book last month after people kept on recommending it to me...and I really enjoyed it. And one of my favourite things is watching film adaptations so this is SO high on my list of priorities right now. I hope I love it as much as you do!!

    xx La Coco Noire

    1. Aww, thank you so much for reading. So happy my love of it came through! If you loved the book, I'm positive you will love the movie. It's just brilliant, I am quickly going to run out of descriptive words to describe it, i loved it so much! :p