Happy Birthday!

Today is a huge day! One that has us happy, sad and excited all at the same time. It is a day we couldn't let go by without celebrating and a day that makes us feel incredibly blessed. For today would have been our Grandad George's 100th birthday!!! :)
Our Grandad George passed away when we were 9, you can read a little more about him and that day here, but there isn't a day that goes by were we don't think of him. He is our Dad's Dad and we loved him with every bit of us.

We remember fondly, days where we used to go to our Grandad George and Nanna Knott's house and play in their little back garden. Grandad would often be outside in the sun with us, holding our hands while we walked round the small flagstones. We also loved it when we used to have sleepovers there, we had these little tray tables we used to stick our legs under that Nanna and Grandad would serve us our food on. We loved it when they made us scrambled eggs or beans on toast, ooh but our favourite was when Nanna made roast dinners, still the best roast dinner we have ever eaten and the only time we ever ate carrots as kids, because Nanna would mash them up.We happliy sat devouring our delicious meal while the 4 of us watched TV, sat chatting, or more often than not coloured in. To this day we get excited when we see those number/alphabet/handwriting books that you can wipe clean, does everyone remember them? Nanna and Grandad would always buy them for us and we adored them. Other memories that make us laugh are of eating raw potato while Nanna cooked and sitting on their counter in the kitchen gnawing on a lamb bone, we have a picture of that somewhere! When we were with them we just felt very content and very calm and always so so loved. We can still see Grandad's face simply smiling at us as he watched us potter about.
When Grandad got poorly, we weren't able to speak to him the last few years he was with us, but we would go to the Nursing home and see him all the time. As kids, I guess we didn't overthink this, we remember bounding into his room and simply chatting away, getting excited with Dad if we thought he moved or could hear us, we just loved being with him. Writing this now makes us feel extremely teary and we want to thank our Mum and Dad for instilling this love and family values in to our lives. Grandad was and is a huge part of who we are and we don't ever look back at those times like he wasn't talking to us, it's like just being in his presence was more than enough, being there for him and him sticking around a little longer so we could talk to him just meant the world to us.
Our favourite photo of  Grandad and our Dad.

Growing up our Dad would always tell us how proud Grandad would have been of us. Apparently he enjoyed wrestling. Hearing this still makes us smile as at least now we know where we got it from. Throughout our wrestling careers, and very early on when we had people question what we were doing, we would always think back to this and want to make Grandad proud.

When we are home we like to visit the crematorium with Dad and leave cards and wish him Happy Birthday, and though today we very much wish we could give our Dad a big hug, we just want him to know that we love Grandad with all our hearts and think about him every single day, we like to talk to him too and know that he is looking down on us and has been guiding us all these years. So today we are going to celebrate and we think we know the best thing for it... roast dinner anyone?!

We love and miss you everyday!

Love always
Lucy and Kelly.

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