Do you like good music...?

If your answer to the title of this post is yes, then you probably already know the band that is the topic of today's post, after all, music doesn't get much better than them. :)

If there is one thing that we can thank "Dancing on ice" for besides entertaining nights of television, it's introducing us to The Overtones. Well, we should say introducing our sister Jen to them, for then she passed on her new found favourites to yours truly. I clearly remember the day four years ago when we were sat in the car and she played some of their songs, we were instantly impressed with what we heard. Five albums and four live shows later, our love for this five piece vocal harmony group has only grown stronger. Which is why today I wanted to encourage you to download, buy or youtube their songs, by giving you five reasons why The Overtones are a group you should be listening to! :)

1) The classics like "Do you love me?" "Saturday Night at the Movies," "River Deep, mountain high," and "Why do fools fall in love?" never sounded so good! We have grown up listening to so many of the amazing songs that The Overtones have covered, which to us just makes listening to them nowadays, with their modern day twist, that much more special. 

2) There's nothing like a proper gentleman...or five and really who doesn't love a man in a suit? Timmy, Mark, Mike, Darren and Lachie are bringing suave back and it's a welcome sight.

3) An evening with The Overtones is quite possibly the best night out ever. It involves so much singing and dancing and is just the epitome of a feelgood time. I guarantee you won't want the night to end!

4) They are a band the whole family can enjoy. There is no sight more wonderful than seeing the smile and happiness on our Mum's face when The Overtones are onstage. It truly is priceless. To put how awesome they are in perspective, our Mum has never ventured to a concert with us and rarely even comes with us to the cinema or out for "fun" in general, so for her to have seen The Overtones not once but, wait for it, five times...yes she's seen them more than me, is nothing short of a miracle. She even asks me when they are playing again and gets excited at the mere mention of going to see them.

5) We all know the classic Christmas songs are the best. No modern day attempt at a Christmas song has ever come close to becoming a new classic that will be played year after year.....that is guessed it...The Overtones bought out (finally) their own Christmas album last year, with not one but two original tracks that are the best Christmas songs we have heard in years!! They nailed it! Just listen to "Good Ol' Fashioned Christmas" and "This Christmas" for proof!

Make sure you check them out now! Seriously, you will not be disappointed. No matter how I am feeling, the sound of Timmy's voice never fails to make me smile. They are all extremely talented men, who are great fun to watch. I can't wait for what's next from them as they just keep getting better and better!! Role on Christmas! :) 

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Are you already a fan? Let me know and tell me what song or album you love the most! :)

Have a great day!
Love Kelly 


  1. You know what....I have never heard of this little band! But I'm all up for modern twists on new classics and you're right - who doesn't like men in suits?! I'm sold!

    xx ♥ La Coco Noire

    1. Aww yay, that's awesome! Please do check them out, you will love them, truly fantastic! :) And they pull off suits like no other! ;) xx