An interview with wrestler Joey Ryan!

Whether you are a wrestling fan or not, over the last year you will probably have come across the name 'Joey Ryan' on social media, followed by some reference to his penis. Don't be alarmed, it's just referencing a move Joey created in the wonderful world of professional wrestling, of which Joey is a huge part of.
For a better idea of what we are talking about, you can see this famous move that went viral on YouTube here! 
Joey has been wrestling for over 16 years now and travels all over the world. He's wrestled for every major company there is and we guarantee that once you see him, you won't forget him. We met Joey when we were working for TNA but only got to chat to him a handful of times for a few minutes, but even after those few short minutes we were drawn to him. Joey just has a very cool vibe about him and is awesome to talk to. We really appreciated him taking the time to answer these questions and for being a part of our blog. We loved reading Joey's answers and are certain you will too! :)

1) Okay so lets start with the classics, but we'll put them together. What got you into wrestling and who was your favourite wrestler growing up?
I grew up with three older brothers so I got into Wrestling very young.  I can remember watching Wrestlemania 2 live on PPV with my family.  I was very heavy on the good guys growing up.  Hulk Hogan, Rickey Steamboat, The British Bulldogs were my favorite as a child.  When I got a little older, I transitioned into being a big Shawn Michaels fan.

2) You recently went viral with what one could argue is now your signature move, winning a test of strength with your penis (can we even say that on this blog! ;p) It's safe to say you have a lot of fun in the ring. What would you say has been your most fun match to date? 
Fun is a great word to use.  The viral video was kind of a turning point for that.  It took any restraints I had left on my wrestling and threw them out the window.  It reinvigorated my creativity in my matches.  Not only that but other people who wrestle me aren't afraid to pitch their over-the-top ideas to me.  It might be hard to pinpoint one exact match because there are always bits and pieces of every match that I enjoy.  I feel like any kind of art, performance or not has to done with love and to maintain that love, the artist has to have fun and enjoy it.

3) We love Tag Team wrestling. You are part of a unique tag team, in that you partner with women's wrestler Candice LeRae and make up The World's cutest tag team. What's the best part about teaming with Candice and what's your favourite thing about tag team wrestling?
Female or not, Candice has great charisma and appeals to audiences everywhere so teaming with her is always a blast.  And as a female, Candice is redefining gender roles in today's professional wrestling world and it's inspiring to watch how other people's views on professional wrestling doesn't affect her views or goals in it.  The intergender aspect of teaming creates new challenges in presenting professional wrestling in a way that isn't standard but doesn't insult the audiences intelligence.  It's still storytelling but learning how to present it in different ways.  It's exciting.

4) You have practically wrestled for every major wrestling promotion in the world today, with that comes a lot of travelling. Out of all the places you have visited, where would you say is a MUST for everyone?
I'm not much of a site-seer so I don't always love the travel.  I know I've been blessed to do the things I do and go the places that I go but it does start to take a toll.  Plus I live in Los Angeles, where I was born and raised so I may be biased but I think it's the greatest city on the planet so it's not always easy to leave.  All that being said, I do enjoy Australia in the summer time.  The weather is nice there that time of year and most of the people I've come across are friendly.

5) With that being said, are there any places on your travel wishlist that you haven't made it to yet?
I've had the pleasure of wrestling in a dozen countries in my career but I try not to get my hopes up about anything so it's always a pleasant surprise when opportunities do come my way.  I've been close to a booking in Spain which sounded fun but it fell through.  My brother enjoys Ireland so maybe there sometime would be nice.

6) We often see on your instagram @joeyryan that you spend a lot of time at Disney. We love Disney too and have to ask which park is your favourite?
Again, growing up in Southern California makes me a little biased towards the Disneyland we have here but I've been to California, Florida, Paris and Tokyo. There is something about each one that I really like.  

7) What is your favourite Disney ride?
Tower of Terror everywhere tends to be a favorite of mine.  Phantom Manor (Haunted Mansion) in Paris is especially awesome.

8) Which Disney character do you think is most like you?
Peter Pan for sure.  I play fight in my underwear for a living.  A professional make believer.  I'll never grow up.

9) You recently got engaged, Congratulations, to English professional wrestler Laura James. What is your favourite thing about England.....besides her? ;)
The accents and dialect.  My fiancĂ©'s accent and terms and phrases get especially thick when she's back home or even talking with her family on Skype.  Other than that, I'm not much of a drinker but I tend to become one in England.  I think it's the company of the other wrestlers there that does it.  It feels like a brotherhood where everybody just wants everyone to be happy and have a good time.  It's easy to let loose.

10) You're always so generous offering audiences a lick of your lollipop, so if you were to share your favourite dessert with us, what would it be?
Red Vines is my favorite candy.  It's a licorice but it's definitely NOT the same as Twizzlers.  I don't care for Twizzlers at all really but I LOVE Red Vines.

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Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!
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