Things I like to see when people watching!

Recently, while at Busch Gardens a few weekends ago, I noticed how much I watch other people and how I instinctively smile at certain sights I see. Obviously this isn't really a new revelation, we all people watch and are curious about others, but on this particular day it inspired me to write a post and take note about the things I love witnessing. It made me smile that sometimes if we really do pause to stop and smell the roses, we can witness a little bit of love and positivity each day. I'll start with the moment that inspired me.

*My husband and I were waiting in line for a ride and two parents in front were taking pictures of their son, both of them had cameras, then the Mum told the Dad to get in the shot and for the little boy to stand next to him. As the boy did this, he wrapped his arms around his Dad's neck and smiled so big, which in turn made my heart melt.

*I love seeing parents interact with their kids and properly playing with them in public. Whether it be while waiting in a line or at a restaurant. Anything, that means the kids aren't sat on an Ipad or phone.

*Kids colouring in at restaurants.

*Kids running through water fountains. (You can tell I've been to a lot of theme parks.) This one reminds me of being in Florida when we were little as we did this then. They always look so carefree and happy, as well as shocked every time they get wet!

*People giving food to a homeless person. My husband always does this, especially when he's in England and it's cold. He will buy an extra pasty from Greggs and give it to someone in need.

*Helpful people. When someone picks up an item that someone has dropped or helps them if they are struggling carrying something or opening a door. In these moments we are all the same, no judging, it's just being there for someone when they need us regardless of who we are or where we come from.

*Polite, well behaved kids. I'll admit there are times when a child/teenager will say thank you, or let me go first or hold a door open for me and at first I feel slightly taken aback. Then it makes me smile that there are still kids out there who are being brought up with respect and manners and that they use them!!

*Elderly couples out shopping together or at the cinemas.

*Seeing people enjoying the sunshine, whether it be on the beach here in Florida or outside the pub having a drink in England on a welcome "hot day."

*My last one is something I actually witnessed at work the other day. I was checking someone out at the register and an elderly lady asked me if she could use the phone. I got it out for her and noticed that after she put it down she looked rather sad. I asked her if she was OK, as I continued with my customers, and she told me the phone was busy and she didn't have a ride home. She looked so disheartened that it made me sad and I didn't know what to do. The mother and daughter that I had just served started to walk away. I asked the lady a few more questions and she told me she didn't know what to do because she couldn't get hold of who she needed. Just then the aforementioned daughter walked back over and said "M'am, where do you live?" the lady replied and the mother seemed to know where the place was, so the daughter said "we can give you a lift home." Well, you should have seen the elderly ladies face. She was so happy and grateful and completely over the moon. I thanked the Mother and Daughter for their help and they all walked off, as they did so I heard the elderly lady say "Oh I hope i'm not taking you out of your way." She was so sweet and it filled my heart with happiness that those ladies were so kind to help her.

In a world where we are often always listening to bad news on the radio or watching terrible stories on the news, it's lovely to look around us and witness the good that's happening right in front of our eyes! :)

What makes you smile when people watching? What have you witnessed that warmed your hearts lately?

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Love Kelly x


  1. I travel a lot for business. People are often rushed, rude, and stressed-out while flying. I love it when I see someone help a fellow passenger lift a bag to store it in an overhead bin. Allow someone to board ahead them. Help a fellow passenger grab a heavy bag from the baggage carousel. All of these acts of kindness help make traveling less stressful.

  2. Aww, we agree! They are all lovely things to see when you're at the airport! :) Thank you for reading! :) xx