Picture Perfect!

The past two weeks have been absolutely wonderful. We had a last minute trip home due to our Nanna not feeling too well, thankfully once we arrived and after she'd spent a week in hospital, she seemed a lot better. We've spent all our time, chatting, cooking, practicing Italian, sharing our projects and cuddling with her and Grandad, as well as making the most of our time at home. We are so grateful and thankful for these moments and this time together, so today we wanted to share a few of our favourite pictures from the last two weeks! :)

 1) 99's from Eddie the ice cream man! 2) A Baci a day keeps the doctor away! 3) Planting tomatoes...he's only 90! 4) Meeting Nikki Blackketter at BodyPower! 5) Dressed up ready to sing and dance with The Overtones. 6) Day out in the Caddy with Daddy! 7) Making homemade pizza with Grandad...heaven! 8) Kelly in charge of pizza night! 9) Delightful wall art for the sweetest dreams. 10) Lovely book post thanks to Carina UK. 

Happy FriYay! Have an awesome weekend! :) 
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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