Outfit of the day: Gymshark

I was super excited that our trip home a week ago would coincide with BodyPower 2016, in Birmingham. I was beyond giddy that I would get the chance to meet Nikki Blackketter, hang out with my brother and see Eddie Hall. And of course, I already had my wish list ready to do a little Gymshark shopping! :) You can see my trip and my meeting Nikki in my BodyPower Vlog

I came across Gymshark through watching Nikki's vlogs and I immediately loved all their fitness wear. From their logo to the designs and colours, everything just popped and I really liked the style. In addition to the fact that Nikki just makes everything look awesome, that you can't help but aspire to make a purchase and aim to look that good in them too. Every bit of motivation helps. :)  

The Flex Leggings V2 sold out in a flash when they were released, so I had my fingers crossed that they would be available at Bodypower. I was in luck! I have to say that I feel I can't see something Mint/Sea foam green without becoming obsessed with it. It just looks so pretty. I was grateful that the lady at the Gymshark booth was incredibly helpful, as I had been wondering what size to get. I have a smaller waste and bigger hips and therefore tend to struggle deciding on extra small or small, she suggested extra small and they fit perfectly. The fabric is so soft and stretchy, I could almost forget I'm wearing pants at all! They are great for squatting and all round awesome for not hindering movement and flexibility. As a guideline if you are looking to purchase these pants yourself, I have a 27in waste and 35in hips.

I had previously ordered a Gymshark sports bra online and through fear of getting one too tight, I ordered a medium without reading the size guide, needless to say it was too big. However, I passed it onto my Mum and she loves it. I was so impressed with the comfort and material though, that I knew I wanted to purchase another one, but in the right size. This time I went for the new Seamless Sports bra in charcoal and I love it. Again, I can't tell you how much I love the fabric, it's just so cozy and this one fits and supports me much better.  

What can I say? It's mint green, I simply could not resist. I had been wanting to get a new gym top for a little while, as I was forever washing the 4 tops I had in rotation, there's my justification for buying this beautiful tank top! :p This seamless vest is gorgeous, I love that it is so bright and happy and you know what I'm going to say about the quality and fabric...yes, you guessed it, it is extremely soft and thick and feels awesome and... fits perfectly! 

OK, so I have to admit that after Bodypower and after I tried my goodies on, I was more in love with Gymshark than before. Being back home I thought I would make the most of the UK shipping rate of 2.99 and go ahead and get myself a new jacket. I practically live in an oversized dark grey Londsdale jacket that my Mum bought years ago and I thought it was time for a change, even my Mum was fed up of the dark grey. I treated myself to this Mint green hoodie and I adore it! I can't say enough good things about the quality of Gymshark, I really am impressed. This hoodie is super lightweight yet warm and so so comfortable.

I hope you enjoyed this gym outfit of the day post! If you want to read more about gym outfits, why not check out my take on 'The Best In Gym Wear.' 

I'd love to read about what sports wear brands you love or what Gymshark pieces you own in the comments below.

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy xx


  1. Such an awesome outfit!! I was so envious of everyone who got to go to the Body Power expo. Those leggings look super comfy and hug you perfectly. You look awesome!! You'll be the best dressed person at the gym for sure : )
    Steph x.

    1. Aww haha, thank you so much Steph! The quality of their stuff is amazing! I love the feel of everything and could practically live in it! :) I really want to get to another expo soon! :) Thank you for the sweet comment and for reading, it means a lot! xxx

  2. Nice Gymshark review, I first heared about them from a number of fitness YouTubers and decided to pick up some items. Overall I thought they offered good value for money and were good quality.