MOMA foods! Review!

MOMA Foods!
Breakfast is probably our most favourite meal of the day. We love waking up early, preparing our coffee and having a few peaceful moments to write our 'To Do' lists and get ready for the day, this includes deciding what to tuck into for breakfast. Porridge has always been a favourite, taking it back to our childhood days and enjoying a delicious warm bowl of Ready Brek, but these days we like to opt for porridge that packs more healthy ingredients, a balance of nutrients and a protein punch to start the day. We were rather intrigued when we came across MOMA foods on Instagram, the colourful packets, the scrumptious bowls of oats topped with yummy fruits, the idea of oat and fruit smoothies designed to fill you up and give you a healthy boost in the morning, sounded incredibly appealing. MOMA foods were kind enough to send us some of their goodies to try, we couldn't wait to get up in the morning and dig in.

Cranberry and Raisin Porridge.
This cranberry and raisin porridge has to be our favourite, it is so tasty. We love that the ingredients are so simple and that there is no extra sugar or additives either. The cranberries and raisins give it that touch of sweet and the oats themselves are creamy, fresh and satisfying! The same can be said for the Golden Syrup packet, it was perfectly sweet without being sugary sweet, it contained the simplest ingredients and warmed us up in the morning a treat!

Porridge pots.
Super scrumptious and super convenient when you are in a rush or on the go. These pots contain an awesome amount of protein and enough slow releasing carbs to keep you nice and full. The coconut and chia seed taste really good, we love our coconut and have been loving chia seeds at the moment, so we devoured this within minutes. 

Yog Oat Smoothies.
Usually I am a little hesitant when it comes to trying "healthier" options to treats or snacks that I love, because they always taste different and it ruins my enjoyment of what I'm consuming. However, these smoothies were delicious, I had mine as a snack before heading out the door in the morning and I loved it. It taste like a regular smoothie so there was no forcing it down because it was "healthy." Though these really are healthier with no added sugar and a higher protein content., they are amazingly yummy, with the creamy yoghurt and lovely fresh fruit and delightful flavours! 

Thank you to MOMA Foods for your wonderful parcel, we thoroughly enjoyed every one of your products and will definitely be purchasing more. :)

Be sure to follow them on Instagram @momafoods and Twitter: @Moma

Have an awesome day!
Lucy and Kelly xx

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