Let's play ball: Star Wars Night at Brighthouse field!

Last weekend my husband surprised Lucy and I with tickets to a baseball game. We have the Clearwater Threshers about 10 minutes up the road from where we live and last Saturday happened to be Star Wars night.
I remember watching Star Wars as a kid but I didn't really get into it until Chris made me watch all of them in order and when we went to see The Force Awakens this past Christmas. I love the old movies but really enjoyed the new one. I thought it was incredibly awesome and I fell in love with Rey and Finn! We must have watched said movie again about 3 times just this past week alone, since Chris bought the DVD. So upon finding out about this surprise I was super excited, I even did my hair like Rey! :) Thank you Chris, best husband ever!

I was so happy that he invited Lucy to come with us too, it was a beautiful evening and she had her very first Dippin' Dots experience! :) I recommended the Vanilla Cookie Dough and she loved them!

They had Characters from the 501st legion walking around Brighthouse Field all evening so you could take pictures with them. So cool! 

Ooh Darth Vader!!! This guy was super tall and it was so cute seeing tiny little kids going up to him and smiling. One little girl with blonde pigtails kept trying to hug him, oh if ever there was a sight to behold, it was that one. She was adorable! 

Blue skies and sunshine!! It was such a lovely environment to be in. Saturday night, a buzz about the stadium with all the Star Wars characters and families there to have a good time, cheer for their local team and eat yummy food.

Love nights out like this with my best friends, just missing my Suci! We definitely have to take him on $1 Tuesdays! Beer, Hot Dogs and a seat on the grass all for $1!!!

Chris and I can't go anywhere like this without buying a delicious snack, it's just too tempting and all part of the fun. I love that we love the same things and have lots of little adventures and experiences like this together. It was just a wonderful, happy evening! :) Ooh and The Thresher's won! :)

To top it all off, the night ended with Fireworks to Star Wars music. It was a beautiful sight, seeing the sky fill with colour and glitter. Fireworks always make me smile and give me a few moments to myself where I just stare at the pretty colours and say Thank you for moments like this and all those that have come before it! :)

You can see more from Star Wars Night at Threshers stadium over on our YouTube channel! Star Wars Vlog!

Hope you all have a great Monday! May the force be with you! ;)
Love Kelly x

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