Foodie Friday: Plateroti's Italian Gourmet!

Like we mentioned in our post about the wonderful Mini Doughnut Factory, having just moved to Florida we are keen to look up fun places to visit and eat at. Our friend Sarah mentioned a few weeks ago that Florida has quite a lot of Italian shops and markets, which we couldn't have been more thrilled about. We were eager to find one straight away to see if we could find all the goodies Mum sends us when we are feeling homesick. Upon doing a quick google search we came across Plateroti's Italian Gourmet shop and let us tell you, we are beyond ecstatic we did!

Plateroti's has been open in Tampa since 1976. It was opened by Rudy and Jean Plateroti but is now run by their son Salvatore. We met Salvatore on our first visit and he was lovely. He took the time to chat with us, to tell us about the stores history, more information about the products, as well as casual chit chat. This made doing our Italian shop a much more pleasant and personal experience, as we got to tell him all about our Family and why we were so excited about everything in his shop!  

Firstly, upon walking through the door, we were hit with the Italian smell which definitely made us feel like this was no pretend Italian place, this was the real deal. It was perfect and immediately made us feel at home. As well as the fact that the first thing we saw on the shelf was this "Lemon Stuff" as we call it, that Grandad drinks. Oh how we laughed and immediately sent a picture to our little sister! 

We don't need to tell you much about these as we mentioned them in our Easter post, but seeing them puts huge smiles on our faces. Italian Easter Eggs are so pretty and the chocolate is to die for.

Pasta glorious pasta...lots and lots of pasta!! :) Nanna and Grandad probably have pasta in some form in almost every cupboard in their kitchen, in addition to every draw in the dining room. So you would be right in thinking that we MUST have pasta in our cupboards, otherwise what kind of Grandchildren would we be?? We learn from the best!

BEST. CHOCOLATE. EVER!! This is our ultimate favourite chocolate. Dinner is not complete without a Baci and us attempting to read the love notes inside. For as long as we can remember we have been eating them and to this day they bring back so many happy memories it's untrue. It's got to the point where a house without Baci...well, it's just not right, it's simply not a home! :p

We have to admit that up until we chatted to Salvatore about his Olive Oil, we didn't really think much about what went into Olive Oil and would just purchase it from our usual grocery store. Now, after trying this, we won't buy it anywhere else. He explained that the Olive Oil he sells is pure, no bad stuff, just authentic Italian Olives, made in Italy, that he then imports over here. It's $17.99 for a bottle which it pretty much the same as the supermarket for a bottle this size, but this smells amazing and you can 100% taste the difference. You wouldn't believe how incredible Nanna and Grandad's recipes are now we use this oil, we are getting one step closer to having our dishes taste like there's. We know how important Olive Oil is to an Italian and Nanna and Grandads house is full of homemade Olive oil that their sisters send over, so we don't know why we never paid attention before. For proof of what you're getting look at where the store bought Olive Oil says it is made. We guarantee it has more than one country listed! Trust us, you pay for the quality with Salvatore's oil. Italy does it best!

So if you live in Florida or are even just visiting, make time to visit Plateroti's Italian Gourmet for delicious, authentic Italian products while being provided with wonderful customer service! :) 

Ciao! Tanti Baci!
Lucy and Kelly

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